Particl (PART) suffers from a massive disconnection between the current position of market capital cap and its development activity


Particl has seen some ups and downs in the last couple of months. Its price for the period peaked on July 23 when one member left for $ 6.01 / 0.00078748 BTC. After this peak, price action suffered when the value of money started to fall. The bottom of the downward trend was reached on 23 August when the currency was available for $ 2.83 / 0.00044933 BTC.

Trader farhadjafarov7 said this about the technical data of the coin: [19659003] "Most of the people who know me as a trader not that I adore the inversions in the market does not matter if it's a question of a & # 39 inversion to the top or a downward reversal and the Particl coin on Bittrex is a coin that I can see has a satisfactory volume and has developed a strong inversion of tendency throughout the year and if any of us are trying to buy and HODL a coin for long-term gains / the next big bull then PARTICL on Bittrex could be a good coin to allocate a small percentage of
As you can see we are in a downward channel, but seems to be the end of the inversion and once you exit this channel, our first goal is 0.00097604 BTC after which I see an incoming return and we will seek a return. "

Check here l Full analysis for more information on his trading plans.

Particl is a decentralized, privacy-focused blockchain / P2P hybrid ecosystem that hosts a series of Dapps that use a native cryptocurrency. It allows decentralized applications (Dapps) to be ordered hard-coded within its secure and scalable environment and to be integrated directly into Particl Desktop. Built on the basis of the Bitcoin codebase (which is constantly updated with each new version), Particl's vision is to create a new decentralized, private and trustless economy supported by its platform and its native currency.

The currency is private by design, which means that no transaction can be traced to the original user. It is also governed by the community through three different proposal mechanisms: Proposals for improvement (PIP), Proposals for opportunities (POP) and Proposals for proposals (RFP) . Particl is independent of currency, which means that the holders of any cryptocurrency in the world can benefit from its privacy, security and decentralized applications. The currency is also independent of the protocol, scalable, gives you passive income thanks to its Proof of Stake algorithm, has smart privacy contracts, offers greater mobility to funds and is academically reviewed. The list of features offered with this currency is a sight to see and you can get a complete overview here if you are interested.

As a dApp hosting platform, Particl will obviously have its own dApp. The first official Dapp on Particl is the decentralized and private marketplace by default where users can buy, sell and exchange goods and services in a peer-to-peer manner without meddling with intermediaries. This will be only the first Particl Dapp, since the broader vision of the Particl project is the development of a completely decentralized, private and democratic economy.

PART is the official currency of the platform. It is a private currency with cutting-edge technology such as Segwit, CT, RingCT, voting, Bitcoin codebase 0.16 etc. It can be used on the Particl market to exchange the products you are interested in. It can also be contained in a portfolio for stakeout purposes, with Particl implementing the most advanced cold staking technology (which does not require that wall staking be constantly online). The main portfolio of the project is the Particl Desktop, a feature-rich client that provides access to all the features available and in the development phase of the platform. Particl Core Qt, Particl-cli and Particle Copay are three other portfolios that have their own characteristics.

The Particl Foundation (Particl Stiftung) is a non-profit Swiss foundation registered in Zug in July 2017 with the help of the Swiss MME Stable Law which allows for the organization and use of financing and logistics to ensure the safe development of the project and the vision of Particl. Particl Stiftung's founding status provides legal protection and resources to the Particl project, ensuring its sustainability and compliance with current and new regulations.

Particl is truly a project that is not easy to understand in a single article. In addition to what I have already mentioned they offer a variety of other features, including dApps, the ability to integrate 3 party applications rd encrypted messaging, SDK toolset, MAD engagement service, integration of Lightning Network and many others. Its privacy technology can find application in many potential use cases, including trade in illegal goods, fiscal resistance, exchange of sensitive documents, avoidance of unjust bans on legitimate companies, etc. If you really want to check out all the details of Particl, take a look at this extensive article from the lead community manager project.

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Even with all this, the project did not stop in the year 2018. They continued to churn out new solid updates and the latest was the cooperation declared with Ledger for Particl to become the first PoS project which includes offline, cold episode in the Ledger device.

Cooperation was mentioned in the last community update of the project which answered several important questions, including those on the cold vote with Ledger, Particl added to Coinbase, the private listings and their government, the lack of market exposure on Google and many others. What the community members probably most worried about was the upcoming Marketplace testnet and project governance models. Once these features (and other promises) are published, the market will know more about Particl's ability to become the dominant privacy currency of the future.

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