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Over 70% of respondents say that XRP will see the biggest return in 2019, Poll


After several incidents in 2018, many have been left wondering which of these crypto startups would survive and which digital resources will keep from zero to zero. There is no shortage of opinions on which of these coins will prove valuable and which will become useless, but when a popular cryptographic personality and a Twitter account asked their followers which currency would have obtained the best performance in the next year, the results were clear.

"2018 was brutal! 2019 will make all that hell worth while until you have accumulated the right coins / tokens!

What will be the biggest return in 2019? "

Second in the @Tha_Crypto_Guy survey, most of his followers, it seems, have confidence in XRP to overshadow the current leaders of the capitalist race.

In fact, the XRP was the overwhelming choice of the respondents. While only a survey on Twitter and unscientific in any way, an incredible 75% of respondents said that the XRP will exceed the field. Among the thousands that responded, only 11% chose BTC, while 7% chose ETH and another 8% would choose the big 3.

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Perhaps there is a movement within the cryptocurrency community towards a preference of XRP over BTC and ETH and this could be due to the number of partnerships and announced developments involving Ripple. They have focused on creating a useful platform for banks and other major financial institutions and are working on projects with companies like Visa and American Express and central banks around the world.

Among these central banks is the National Bank of Kuwait which emphasizes Ripple's goal of serving areas with high rates of migrant workers such as the Middle East. Speaking at a conference at the start of this year, Ripple's head of innovation, Dilip Rao, explained the value they can bring to these types of workers.

"If you send money to the workers, this can often be a small amount of money, $ 200, and the commissions for these small payments can go up to 5-10%, so this actually hurts people who can afford it less. "

While many may watch this number of lopsided polls as 74% and react with shock, but XRP has already passed Ethereum on several occasions and may well be on track to widen the gap.

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