Opera presents Ethereum Wallet to the desktop. Friday, August 10th


Important news about Ethereum

HackerOne finds a major bug in Ethereum DApp Augur

Augur may have been lucky that he was a HackerOne bounty hunter to discover a purchase that could have compromised his safety. Security researcher of security researchers Viacheslav Sniezhkov found the vulnerability on the prediction app code that was built on the Ethereum network.

A report from CCN said that an exploit could have caused a significant loss of funds from users of the app [19659004] Sniezhkov explained:

"A third-party site may include a hidden iframe which can overwrite the "augur-node" configuration variable of an augur application running.This variable is persistent in localStorage.In the case of reloading the browser page (user action or browser stop / OS), the normal endpoint webs "augur-node" will be replaced with that provided by the attacker so that all data, addresses and market transactions can be masked. "[19659007] Opera introduces Ethereum Wallet to Desktop

The work of the Oslo-based company has announced that its latest update will come with a portfolio for ethereum

Ethereum Price

Ether dives at $ 364 Recovery of 1.09% [19659003] Ethere The number 2 coin continued to lose value as investors bet against the currency. This despite its high use cases as a dominant platform for smart contracts and decentralized applications. The ether has dropped to $ 358, which is close to the support level on August 7 although it has seen a slight recovery from that mark with a gain of 1.09% and is currently trading at $ 364. at the time of this report.

a prevailing bearish force would have brought the cryptocurrency to $ 350 but bears seem to be weakening at this point giving the bulls a slight lead in the meantime. Even as it is, the bulls will have to face a stiff resistance at $ 404.99 as seen by the 20-day EMA. At the moment there is no suggestion for a purchase because there is no certainty that the currency has reached its inversion point.

ETH / USD price chart, Friday 10 August:

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