Opera has integrated Ethereum support, browser for the integration of Web 3.0


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Opera, the fifth most used browser behind Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari, has added Ethereum support integrated to its desktop app, enabling Web 3.0, an ecosystem that allows users to seamlessly interact with decentralized applications (dApps) and peer systems peer-to-peer on the blockchain.

To use Ethereum dApps, users are required to have unattended portfolios such as MetaMask to securely send transactions on the main network. However, for most casual users, relying on external applications as a further step towards using dApps may limit accessibility.

While mainstream browsers are moving towards the addition of support for Ethereum and various blockchain standards, the accessibility and activity of dApp users should increase massively.

Importance of Opera Integration

Opera accounts for only 3.7% of the market share of the browser industry. But this is due to the fact that Chrome and Safari have absolute dominance over the browser industry with a combined market share of 71%.

The integration of Ethereum and the ERC20 standard of Opera marks an important step towards the general acceptance of cryptocurrencies and dApps. While its market share and user base are relatively small compared to its comeptitors, Opera is a widely recognized browser with an active and loyal user base.

Currently on Google Chrome, most users of Ethereum and dApp rely on MetaMask, a non-guarded Ethereum portfolio managed by ConsenSys, a blockchain software studio created and managed by Ethereum co-creator Joseph Lubin.

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Source: Opera

To access MetaMask, users must download and install the plug-in in Google's browser store, which requires users to go through additional steps to install the wallet. On Opera, because the wallet is already integrated in the browser, users can easily use its integrated infrastructure to access dApps.

However, Opera's Ethereum portfolio needs significant improvements. Sophistication and the implementation of popular apps such as MetaMask are missing, especially in commission estimates and testnet support.

But the cryptocurrency sector has already taken an important step towards obtaining official recognition from the main browsers.

An Ethereum user who tested ETH integration on Opera said:

"I tried it today – it's amazing to think that mainstream browsers integrate Web 3.0 I love the division between mobile and desktop: the security of mobile devices with the convenience of the desktop, and yes, mobile phones are even more secure than They need a bit of work to support ropsten – I encountered numerous problems that were not a problem on mainnet. "

Crypto-focused work

In July, it was reported that Bitmain, the world's largest producer of mining cryptographic equipment, is expected to acquire 43 percent of its stake in Opera. Although it is unclear whether Bitmain has invested in the browser, the two companies have held discussions prior to the release of reports on a potential acquisition.

With the success of the distribution of the integrated cryptocurrency portfolio and the integration of Ethereum, it is expected that Opera will continue with its development roadmap focused on cryptocurrency.

Considering that Opera is more popular with mobile users than desktop users and the various security benefits of using mobile-based systems on desktop and web platforms, Opera is likely to continue to show improvements in its infrastructure. mobile cryptocurrency.

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