OpenBazaar Developers Launch at Crypto Marketplace for Mobile


OB1, the developers behind the online decentralized marketplaces and currency trading platforms OpenBazaar announced a mobile counterpart called Haven.

He allows users to buy goods and services directly with each other, using cryptocurrencies, without relying on middlemen who take a cut of merchants 'transactions or gather shoppers' data.

The app is organized into four sections: shopping, social, chat, and a non-custodial multi-wallet. For peer-to-peer network, user information is stored and protected with end-to-end encryption, meaning only the parties involved in the sale or conversation.

Since OB1 launched its 2.0 of OpenBazaar, 250,000 nodes joined the permissionless network. Jenn Cloud, OB1 communications lead, said, "There is a core user base of several thousand uses of software and many more casual users."

Image via OpenBazaar

Cloud said:

"We have heard many stories from merchants about finding OpenBazaar to refugee from high fees, restrictive terms and conditions, and poor treatment of merchants on eBay and Amazon."

The app has many P2P cryptocurrency trading features. Additionally, dispute moderation is only supported by the desktop client.

The social feature is new and enables users to easily communicate with each other. Importantly, it is "not connected to transactions or any other activity on the network and will never post anything automatically," said Cloud.

Like OpenBazaar, Haven will support BTC, BCH, ZEC and LTC. The representative said plans for a previously reported native token, OBC, are currently on hold.

Looking forward, however, the team plans to add Ethereum support. Also, though "no firm plans have been made by the OB1 team … several in the OpenBazaar community have begun to see if it's possible to support Monero," said Cloud.

Haven is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play. This week, posted in the app "at undisclosed times."

OB1 has raised $ 9.25 million from date including Union Square Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, OMERS Ventures, BlueYard, Bitmain, Digital Currency Group, and venture capitalist William Mougayar.

Haven image via CoinDesk archives

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