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KP2R Network: A decentralized marketplace for developers

PRESS RELEASE. The last decade has seen a revolution in traditional finance driven by the use of blockchain technology. Blockchain technology has shown more use cases since the development of the main Bitcoin currency. It has been used in various sectors of the world economy, including health, agriculture, supply management, …

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Ethereum developers are getting closer to ETH 2

Ethereum developers are closer than ever to launching Phase 0 of Ethereum 2.0. Some initial preparations are expected to begin this week. After the results of a recent audit, the developers will be ready to “pull the trigger on everything”. Many fans and users of the Ethereum network were quite …

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PayID launches new updates for developers

PayID, a universal payment identifier, recently rolled out new updates and features for the service as part of its commitment to enable an open and inclusive future of digital payments, making PayID accessible to developers around the world. As digital payments continue to grow, it is important that end-to-end encryption …

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