On the good road to recovery, the new positive month begins


IOTA price analysis – IOTA on the road to recovery, the new positive month begins

The cryptographic market is inundated with cryptocurrencies in the green area. The positive momentum that was activated yesterday continues to dominate the market. This is great news for all crypto owners looking to recover from the drop witnessed at the start of the week.

A coin that is about to make a recovery is IOTA. At press time, IOTA is poised just above $ 0.47. In the last 24 hours, the currency has had a price increase of 2.27%. Price growth ranks in the middle of the range of price growth, between 1% and 5%.

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As we reported, IOTA is growing as a result of the popularity of its automotive project. Its application in IoT devices (Internet of Things) continues to grow as this industry continues to expand. In the coming months and years, this sector is expected to continue to grow and IOTA will grow with it.

However, like all the other messes, the IOTA will have to continue to suffer under the shadow of Bitcoin, whose movements still dictate the movement of the entire market.

MIOTA / USD prices table, Friday 2 November:

MIOTA price table, 2 November

On November 1, the bulls moved to Bitcoin, which helped to better position the altcoins and increase trust among the keepers. At the time of the press, Bitcoin has seen price growth of 0.79%, although this remains low, it is exactly what is needed to make the market move.

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Although the cryptography market was hit twice in October – October 11 and October 29, November began on a positive note, and the cryptic community hopes that the positive momentum will continue throughout the month. Many experts predict that the general encrypted market will end up, but if this happens, the bulls will have to dominate the market for the next eight weeks.

For IOTA, the currency is realistically ready to close the year with a maximum of $ 2.50.

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