ODEM activates the smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain


VILNIUS, Lithuania Sept. 20, 2018 / PRNewswire / – ODEM, creator of the world's first On-Demand Education marketplace, is pleased to announce the successful activation of smart contracts on Ethereum Blockchain to support the ODEM platform.

Dr. Adel ElMessiry Head Mentor of ODEM Technology, has completed the deployment of contracts today in a live event at #SWITCH! Conference in Vilnius, Lithuania . While a student audience mostly watched, Antanas Guoga, the Lithuanian representative in the European Parliament, received the first blockchain-based educational certificate to be generated by the ODEM Platform.

"Today's activation is a strong support of our technical project profitability", stated Dr. ElMessiry. " I am really satisfied with the progress we have made to make the ODEM platform a reality."

The activation of the intelligent contract is a final step in the test of the interaction between the InterPlanetary Storage System (IPFS) and Ethereum Blockchain, pillars of the ODEM platform. The implementation of the smart contracts follows the recent achievement of many significant milestones and results on the path of ODEM towards the full activation of the platform at the beginning of 2019. These results include:

  • Third-party testing and auditing of the DApp (decentralized application).
  • Integration of the ODEM cloud with the smart mainnet contracts.
  • Quality assurance for displaying educational certificates.

The success of independent control and verification of smart contracts provides evidence of the feasibility and security of the ODEM platform, an educational portal designed to help students overcome the challenges they face in obtaining a high level of education. The test of cloud integration with the smart mainnet contracts is fundamental to guarantee the security of the system. Authentication of educational certificates for viewing outside the platform establishes positive interaction between IPFS and Ethereum Blockchain.

ODEM, based in Zug, Switzerland is a global leader in addressing the obstacles that students encounter in obtaining higher education. The ODEM platform is a collaborative and decentralized portal to enable students to engage with the best academics to create exceptional educational experiences at a reasonable cost.

#switch! is the largest non-profit networking conference in the Baltic States focused on entrepreneurship, information, communication and technology. Over 15,000 conference attendees are expected to participate in discussions and discussions focusing on blockchain technology, initial coin offerings, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity.

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