Now You Can Play Hedgie – a New Ethereum-Based Cryptocollectible Game


As CryptoKitties has become trendy in the Ethereum community, there is a new cryptocollectible game that might become popular. Hedgie, as the game is called, just launched its presale version.


Hedgie, a new cryptocollectible blockchain-based game, announced on Tuesday its presale launch. By playing the game, users can generate Curio coins that can be eventually spent on real-world products and services. Curio is an ERC-20 token that can be earned by playing the game. According to developers, it is the first Ethereum-based crypto collectible that can be purchased via credit card.

Hedgie product lead Stas Zlobinski commented:

“Games have used virtual currency for decades, and gamers are known to adopt new technology before others. With blockchain seeing high adoption in gaming, it made sense for us to take this next step and extend the value of the in-game coin to the outside world.”

“We want to attract casual gamers who are curious about cryptocurrency. It’s a simple but compelling idea: play the game, earn coin, spend it in-game or on real-world products and services. On the business side, it’s a way for business owners to dip their toes in crypto to the degree that they’re comfortable with, while promoting their business to the new emerging class of crypto-consumers,” he explained.

Today, probably the most popular cryptocollectible game on Ethereum is CryptoKitties, a fun project where users have to collect and take care of virtual cats. This month, it was reported that someone bought a cryptokitty for 600 ETH, which was the equivalent of $170,000 at that time. So far, this is the most expensive kitty ever.

However, Hedgies don’t have such astronomical prices, at least today. The game prioritizes accessibility, allowing people to get familiar with the concept of cryptocurrency and cryptocollectibles.

Hedgie is a non-fungible ERC-721 token built on Ethereum. As a limited edition token, the total supply is exactly 16,777,216 Hedgies, each linked to a 6-digit hex code.

According to the game-play, each Hedgie has four elemental powers and skills. The powers are Water, Fire, Earth, and Air, while the skills are Luck, Prudence, Intelligence, and Charm. Each Hedgie has a unique combination of these elements, defining its potential in the real-time game, which is free to play. During the game, players may travel with their Hedgies to four virtual kingdoms: the Wetlands, the Desert, the Forest, and the Mountains.

The game’s private Alpha version is planned to be ready by the end of this year, while the public Beta launch will come early next year.

Starting with the next summer, Hedgie holders will be able to spend their Curio tokens on goods and services, as the team will partner with various companies to approve the coin.

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