Now the new VW Caddy begins: all the information about the Golf family


Vans like the VW Caddy attract a large audience: families with two or three children, but also small business owners and amateur athletes. It is not an easy task for the developers of such vehicles to bring all the needs of this clientele together under one roof. In addition, the price should remain cheap, because expensive and noble does not work in this league.

VW has managed to do this with the fifth generation of Caddies. Visually only the old one (in a positive sense), it is reminiscent of the new Golf not only for the new cockpit with multifunctional screen up to ten inches for navigation and voice control. Reason: For the first time, the well-made Caddy is also based on the VW Group’s modular transverse construction kit, like almost everything under the Passat.

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