Now Kuwait says that economic development and cooperation should be the focus of Arab countries


Now Kuwait says that economic development and cooperation should be the focus of Arab countries
Now Kuwait says that economic development and cooperation should be the focus of Arab countries

The Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Kuwait, Sheikh Sabah Al-Khalid Al-Hamad Al-Sabah, said Sunday that his country is aware of the risks and challenges facing the Arab countries and the efforts made to address them.

Al-Sabah said in a speech during the first public session of the fourth economic, social and development summit in Beirut, "We have made sure that the priority of economic development and cooperation is at the forefront of our concern to be able to achieve together the progress of our people and make them a future and a destiny for the people of our nation.We have achieved, through the previous cycles of our economic, development and social summits, many results on which we can build, and the initiation towards greater profits and support for our common factor in the areas of development, economic and social.

"We meet today at the fourth session of our Economic, Social and Development Committee after starting this approach in consultation and coordination with our brothers in Egypt in 2008. We have ideas and vision for these summits and the first economic summit was held in Kuwait in 2009. Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Jaber Al-Sabah, the Emirate of the State of Kuwait, launched an initiative to establish a small-scale fund for small projects in the Arab world with a capital of $ 2 billion. Kuwait contributed $ 500 million, with Saudi Arabia contributing $ 500 million to R US, where the Fund has funded more than 7,000 bid projects and maintained 437 thousand jobs at of the Arab world ".

The Kuwaiti Foreign Minister stressed that the Kuwaiti Emir's initiative came out of the firm belief that it had to go to young people as the richest of the Arab nation, noting that the third summit in Saudi Arabia came to increase the attention and concern for our joint Arab economic dimensions through its work institutions Through a pioneering initiative to increase capital by at least 50%, as well as to increase the capital of the Arab mixed companies of at least the 50%.

"We have been meeting for decades at all levels, during which we discuss many of our fatal issues, but at the same time we are far from touching the concerns and problems of our Arab nation," he said. "Today we are witnessing a decline in rates of sustainable development and economic conditions We must put all our concerns at the forefront of our concerns and strive to meet the hopes and aspirations of our Arab peoples by focusing on the economic fundamentals that contribute to change and improvement of our situation, which has been the cause of strikes and instability for a number of companies, and a direct threat to its security ".

source: Shorouk Portal

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