NKB Group: Google tacitly works on Blockchain technology projects


The NKB group of the investment bank Blockchain has published a report that links Google to the efforts of the blockchain.


Google was not an obvious investor in blockchain technology. However, this perception is about to change. NKB Group, a blockchain investment bank, has collected an investment report from CB Insights that summarizes an appreciable amount of investment in the blockchain space, showing Google as the second biggest investor in blockchain technology.

NKB group information sent to Cryptovest via e-mail shows that despite the denials of Alphabet, the parent company of Google, which the search giant announced the acquisition of a blockchain company, had invested in companies like Gyft, Ripple, Blockchain, Buttercoin and Veem.

"Many believe Google plans to use blockchain in their cloud hosting business, and a recent announcement of their partnership with BlockApps, a distribution platform, may also indicate that this is the case," wrote NKB Group.

In fact, less than a month ago, we saw Google collaborate with Digital Asset to work on a platform for developers that simplify the distribution and testing of their blockchain applications.

"We are working with Google Cloud to provide developers with a complete stack solution so that they can unlock the potential for block-block web blocking, which will reduce the technical barriers to developing DLT applications by providing our Distributed accounting platform and advanced modeling language to Google Cloud, "Digital Asset CEO Blythe Masters said.

Miroslav Pikus of the NKB group, his senior IT consultant, suggests that the ultimate goal of Google with blockchain technology could be to fight advertising fraud.

"Advertising fraud is a multi-billion dollar problem that is of great concern among advertisers, and online ad ecosystems have become complex and gray, and Blockchain promises to make it more transparent and credible," he wrote.

Whatever Google's intentions, it is clear that the company is moving in a more blockchain-friendly direction and could incorporate the registers distributed in its applications as technology matures. In fact, we would not be surprised if Google engineers are currently contributing to projects around the world to accelerate the process.

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