Nexus, BitSpace partner for Advance Blockchain Technology in space

  Photo: BitSpace

Photo: BitSpace

Nexus a company cryptocurrency and blockchain, collaborates with BitSpace a technology company specializing in blockchain and exponential technology. The partnership focuses on decentralized access to the Internet and opportunities associated with people around the world through the use of Nexus blockchain technology, satellite initiatives and international BitSpace connections.

"We believe that space technology combined with Blockchain represents an exciting opportunity to decentralize the future and we are really excited to discover this kingdom with Nexus Earth," said Manuel Lains, CEO of BitSpace (CEO). In addition, Nexus seems "ready to work together to open more opportunities in Europe and Low Earth Orbit (LEO)", according to founder and chief architect Nexus Colin Cantrell.

BitSpace has created a community platform in the Nordic region and will work with Nexus to organize mutually beneficial community events and educational conferences. They also aim to explore opportunities to connect and integrate businesses that pursue blockchain and space technologies. Nexus and BitSpace intend to collaborate with American and Norwegian universities to support academic research with the goal of advancing decentralized technology and associated spatial applications.

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