New song "Vitalik Buterin" by Producer Gramatik Inspired by Ethereum


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Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency affect innovation and change across a spectrum of industries. The music industry already has tested the waters of the financial benefits of the blockchain technology, but the Slovenian electro producer Gramatik also took inspiration from the blockchain to create a new song titled "Vitalik Buterin. "

In collaboration with Kotek, the new track can be heard via Gramatik's Soundcloud. In an interview with Billboard it emerged that the song is a direct tribute to Vitalik Buterin, the founder of the network Ethereum and is a sequel to the previous track related to the blockchain of the artist who takes the name from the pseudonym creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto .

New Track represents Evolution of Ethereum Project

Denis Jašarević, known under the name Gramatik, is a Slovenian electronic music producer currently residing in New York City.

Kotek told Billboard he had met Gramatik in 2016 after collaborating on the production of a previous song. As Gramatik's longtime enthusiast, Kotek said that the idea of ​​"Vitalik Buterin" began as an email conversation between the two artists and evolved into a milestone.

Gramatik shared that the song is an "instrumental journey" that changes five times throughout its duration through a process of evolution that intends to represent the different stages of development of the ecosystem Ethereum .

Blockchain technology empowers artists

Gramatik has remained in recent years, in particular, "tokenizing" through the SingularDTV tokenization platform in November 2017.

In the statements released at the time of the launch of the "GRMTK" token "by Gramatik, the artist has emphasized the importance of blockchain technology, highlighting the fact that the tokenisation of creative works allows both fans and artists to benefit from the success of" artist tokens ".

Gramatik tokenizat The ion project was a great success, generating 7,500 Ethereum which at the time held a market value of $ 2.48 million, tens of thousands of fans in Worldwide. The application of blockchain technology to the music industry, says Gramatik, is the movement not only of art but of mind and spirit.

Listen to the song here:

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