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New Blockchain technology for 2019

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It is hoped that while the operators of the logistics sector adopt blockchain technology, the full potential of the blockchain will be realized and global trade will be promoted ".

While digitization and technology solutions continue to be the focus of industry experts, the IT solutions company CyberLogitec has announced the creation and launch of its new blockchain-focused solutions platform. The company, known for its commitment to providing solutions in the ports and terminals sector, has confirmed that this initiative will be implemented for all IT solutions in 2019.

The solutions, considered FREIGHT9 and OPUS9, open the way to an exclusively digital system for maritime businesses, eliminating the problem of paper documentation for all shipments. This is another example of the rapid pace of digitization within the commercial sectors.

The total elimination of inefficiencies is the goal of many professionals in the sector, starting from paper systems and operations. With global business moving at a rapid pace, companies must rely on technology-based solutions to maintain and maintain operations on a global level, reducing risk and duplicating efforts.

"The company aims to establish the highest standards of innovation and excellence in the logistic ecosystem.It is hoped that while the logistics industry adopts blockchain technology, it will realize the full potential of the blockchain and global trade will be enhanced, "commented CyberLogitech in response to the news.

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