New $ 60 million ICO Token Cryptocurrency scam discovered by Reddit User

New $ 60 million ICO Token Cryptocurrency scam discovered by Reddit User

Reddit users' slintfence seems to have unveiled a new ICO scam and a criminal network. In a Reddit post loaded almost a day ago, he explains that he tried to understand why an ICO investment went wrong, but he discovered many other things behind this.

As for the user, ACChain and Puyin Coin were the initial coin offering scams (ICO) from China. They were able to take between $ 60 and $ 100 million dollars from investors who put their funds in these projects. At the beginning of the year, six people involved in this problem had already been arrested in Shenzhen, China.

However, those members who were not captured by the police decided to continue with the ACCHAin part of the scam. It seemed they were also trying to start a third new scam.

Slinterfence explains that Genevieve Leveille and Serena Yin were responsible for the ACCHAIN ​​project. Leveille has appeared in several social networks claiming to have raised $ 23 million in a new venture called In addition, Leveille was able to create three companies in the United Kingdom and one in Jersey. In addition, other companies were registered in Switzerland, Hong Kong and other countries. All of these were set up at the same time, according to the Chinese police.

However, the Reddit user explains that while he was reading and learning more about this project, new details were found.

On the question, he wrote:

"In addition to the obvious fraud and securities violations, it seems to imply money laundering and tax evasion, I think it should be urgently looked at while they are still pushing the last scam. count on something, but only that people are robbed would be nice. "

Slinterface says that Leveille and the group of supporters have decided to start nine more ICO scammers and continue to earn money from users. He discovered that Leveille and Yin work or study in the United Kingdom. Furthermore, Yin appears to be a Chinese nation and one of the biggest scams related to Chinese individuals. There is also a potential money trail leading to Jersey (United Kingdom) since Leveille uses a number from there and several addresses from that place.

At the same time, Leveille claims a US passport, but there are no links between her and the United States. For the author of Reddit's post it could probably be a fake document. There are some lawsuits against Genevieve Leveille in Singapore, among other issues on the island.

About ACCHAIN, redditor informs that several ACCHAIN ​​and Biolifechain companies are located in Hong Kong. Beyond that, one of the Ico seems to be located in Nigeria.

For the Reddit user, this may just be the tip of the iceberg, but it is sure that there are many things we do not know and that have a profound influence on this situation.

The user who has been scammed says that the situation does not seem a cryptocurrency scam because the company has not simply disappeared with money. However, he said that there were some things that looked wrong. In July, Slinterface was invited to join a private group of investors who provided evidence of some blocking problems and strange situations. Something was not already good.

He then mentions that no development was developing in the GIT. Also the team listed was not in the radar for a long time. During six months they were writing that there would be a new version soon and that the developers were working hard. But the Git site was not active at all.

The Reddit user explained that he dropped some funds to get a Hong Kong IP and find out what was really happening with this ICO. Fortunately, he was able to get some pictures of empty offices and other details. Furthermore, the IP warned that they were threatened by the Mafia. After gathering some information, he was able to get something very interesting.

As soon as the Reddit user posted photos of the empty offices, the team started saying that it was false news. In one of the photos taken, the PI was able to identify a former employee who was able to interview in person. The company was already uploading old photos because this person left the company in 2017.

As the author of the Reddit post cites, Leveille doubled again. ACChain has published a strange explanation about the whole office and the employees, but they have not been able to support their words with real-world evidence.

However, Leveille is involved in nine other scams with initial offers of coins on the market. And many investors are putting their funds on these platforms, something that could lead to greater losses. IP was also able to find some information about Serena Yin, but most of the things she wrote are not nearly real. Most of the time, Leveille seems to be Advisor, COO and CEO of the different ICOs he is related to.

According to the report, Leveille may be an American citizen who has Nigerian origins. Leveille claims to have founded the British company 0tentic8 Ltd. Although Leveille broke the 0thentic8 platform, he explains that he is the CEO of AgrilLedger's company or CEO.

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