– Neither useful nor useless & # 39 ;: Andreas Antonopoulos on writing & # 39; Mastering Ethereum & # 39;


Andreas Antonopoulos criticized his decision to write a book on Ethereum and other altcoins in a recent question and answer session after a question in which he claimed to "not remain faithful" to Bitcoin.

"Do not be under anybody Illusion & # 39;

In the session, published last week, the famous cryptocurrency educator and Bitcoin advocate defended his motivation to write" Mastering Ethereum ", which follows its two successions of "Mastering Bitcoin".

"Don" I do not delude myself that what I am doing by writing "Mastering Ethereum" is writing a book about why you should invest in the particular chain launched by Vitalik Buterin and many others in the 2014, "he said.

… also applies to Ethereum Classic, Rootstock, Lisq, EOS, applies to a variety of other virtual machines, contract-based smart blockchains.

Antonopoulos' decision to write a guide dedicated to the altcoins seemed to take many fans out of surprise. Known for his tireless support of Bitcoin, the news revealed an inaccurate vision of Anthopoulos as a criticism of the blockchain projects that, as he describes them, "are not decentralized enough".

This is a misunderstanding, he added, explaining that his support for Ethereum and other altcoins had nothing to do with "providing better Bitcoin responses", but rather "different answers".


"These technologies are all about changing the trade-offs between security and flexibility Bitcoin is by far the safest, the most decentralized, and it provides solid monetary systems. of Ethereum and is not in competition with Bitcoin, "he continued.

… This does not mean that this technology is useful or useless … does it mean that this technology is interesting? Absolutely.

As the focus of the market focuses on Bitcoin this month, altcoin, and in particular Ethereum, have faced increasing uncertainties about their future role.

A Tetras Capital report last month, dubbed the "Bearish Thesis", highlighted fears that the price of money would be "significantly decoupled from the current and short-term technology status of the Ethereum network".

"We believe that [Ethereum] lacks the crucial characteristics required for a dominant [store of value] and we see a low probability of [Ethereum] taking the reign from the current crypto-asset leader, [Bitcoin]", they added researchers.

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