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Neblio Criptovaluta Review: Introduction to NEBL – Coindoo

What is Neblio?

Neblio is a new age-oriented blockchain platform that, according to its white paper, aims to simplify and accelerate the development and implementation of dApps on the Neblio blockchain and potentially on other blockchains of the future.

Neblio is a Proof-of-Stake (PoS), blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) that focuses on simplicity for everyone involved in its environment, regardless of whether they are users, customers or developers.

In short, the main objective of the platform is to replace obsolete software and to offer new innovative solutions for the creation of new databases. The project aims to enhance the adoption of blockchain technology by providing a developer-friendly environment and a range of efficient tools to go with.

How does Neblio work?

At the center of Neblio's blockchain, there is, of course, the Neblio token (NEBL), but also an impressive suite of APIs to interact with the blockchain. These APIs are designed to make interaction with the blockchain extremely easy for any developer, but also simply for blockchain technology as a whole.

In addition to the RESTful API for interaction with the Neblio network and blockchain, it also offers APIs in eight programming languages ​​as follows: Java, Ruby, Go, PHP, Python, JavaScript, C # and Objective- C. These APIs have the role of facilitating the learning process and accelerating development.

Finally, Neblio provides a series of useful APIs that facilitate interaction with the blockchain. Furthermore, it does not require the learning of a new programming language for its developers (like most blockchain platforms – Ethereum, Zilliqa, etc.). It also provides easy development and distribution tools.

The identity of the project also reflects through its services. Neblio offers blockchain consulting, distribution of nodes and hosting, as well as the development of private blockchains on the market. Neblio can provide consulting services to companies and guide the development and implementation of blockchain-based technology. The organization is also able to help corporate customers deploy nodes in different locations or on AWS / Azure services.

If there are customers who require their blockchain to be completely private, Neblio can also create personalized and private blockchains based on the classic project architecture.

Token Neblio

In the heart of the Neblio blockbone, there is the Neblio token, nicknamed NEBL. Currently classified 180th on CoinMarketCap with a market capitalization of $ 15,119,299, the Neblio token allows the instantaneous and secure transmission of information.

NEBL tokens are used on the blockchain to reward and incentivize users to protect and manage the network by running nodes around the world. Since Neblio is a blockchain Proof of Stake, anyone can earn tokens by participating and picketing a certain amount of NEBL. The token is also useful when it comes to calculating and charging fees every time you use the platform services. In addition, NPT-1 tokens, which can be used by some dApp on the Neblio blockchain, can only be exchanged if NEBL is used as the default GAS.

Neblio Team

Neblio's team is "decentralized" as the blockchain of the project itself, consisting of various blockchains and business professionals from around the world with a valuable and relevant experience in all things.


Neblio was co-founded by Eddy Smith and Ann Jackson, and builds on the marketing capabilities of Yuval Amar and two major developers, Riley Stockton and Samer Afach.

Where to buy NEBL?

Although the NEBL token is not even in the top 100, it can be traded on a wide range of cryptocurrency exchanges such as KuCoin, Binance, Cryptopia, Tradesatoshi and HitBTC, mainly for Bitcoin and Ethereum.


Neblio has been a very strong project since its inception. Neblio currently has a world-class blockchain platform that focuses heavily on bringing blockchain technology closer than ever to the corporate niche.

In order for Neblio's future to appear brilliant, two things must happen: the platform must be reliable and easy to use and the products must be delivered in a timely and professional manner. Until now, the project team has maintained its share of the agreement and has always respected self-imposed deadlines without compromising on quality and safety.

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