Nearly 50% of American millennials are interested in cryptocurrency


Nearly half of the millennia's population in the United States is interested in using cryptocurrency, according to studies

A report by You.Gov, an American research service, showed that 48% of Americans in the "millennial generation" "" They are interested in the idea of ​​the digital tender:

" Of people who believe that cryptocurrencies will be widely accepted, more than one third (36%) say they would be interested in converting mainly using a cryptocurrency against the US dollar. However, a majority (57%) say they would not be interested in converting from the US dollar. Millennials are almost equally divided between interest (48%) and interest (50%). "

The research also explored which cryptocurrencies are widely known and the most popular in America, according to the results, 71% of Americans have heard of Of Bitcoin and 13% have heard of Ethereum, the study also found that 84% of men had heard of cryptocurrency as a concept with 73% of women declaring the same. [19659002] The study investigated the interaction of those who had knowledge of the cryptocurrency:

" Of those who heard of Bitcoin, the 87% had no interaction with it, in the sense that they have not bought, sold or mined. About half (49%) of this group says "I'm glad I did not buy Bitcoin before, and I'm not going to buy it", while 15% say "I wish I had bought Bitcoin before, but I feel like it's too late now "About one in five (21%) people between the ages of 35 and 54 chose this answer, while only 11% of the 55-year-olds did."

A similar study was done from Sustany Capital about a month ago and the research explored the interest that millennials have in adding cryptocurrency to their investment portfolios – this report showed that 88% of the 1,000 American adults surveyed said of wanting to extend their investment options to include cryptocurrencies and a further 42% said they would try to use cryptocurrency as a kind of savings.

Sustany's report also showed that over 75 % of respondents consider c reptovalute as an investment option (rather than a tender vehicle). This is affected by the fact that 75% also expressed concern about the security risk of the technology involved.

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