Nano (NANO) requires 8% because Brainblocks increases the adoption


The nano gains of substantial messages in the mixed market

On Friday, the cryptocurrency market saw a slight withdrawal, as most of the most important digital activities fell by some percentage points (0.5% – 3%) from weekly highs. Bitcoin, for example, is down 0.75% at the time of writing, while Ethereum is down 1.8% at the price level of $ 214.5. However, there were some anomalies, including Tezos (+ 28%), which is ready to launch its mainnet, RChain (23%), Maker (11%), Aurora (8%) and Nano, which we will cover today.

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At the time of writing this article, the cryptographic asset, which often solicits its instantaneous transactions, but at no cost, is now worth $ 2.60 a piece and in 7.8% increase in the past 24 hours, which brought its market capitalization to a staggering $ 340 million.

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This bullish price action attack has been widely attributed to the following two catalysts, which will only increase the adoption and use of this specific cryptographic resource in the future .

BrainBlocks launches store

BrainBlocks, a centric Nano infrastructure (formerly Raiblocks), has just revealed that it has officially launched its system sales point, which allows physical stores to accept the cryptocurrency referred to above a viable payment method.

As it alludes to a recent blog post by BrainBlocks co-founder, the point of sale system can be set up in three simple steps, setting an address, choosing a fiat currency, and entering the POS application. It's that simple.

And as seen through a Twitter post by Mike Doyle, the CEO of the KPI Gaming group sponsored by Nano, this is more of a concept, as it has already been integrated into a bona fide retailer (such as seen below).

Expressing his excitement about the POS of BrainBlocks, Doyle wrote :

: Paying immediately with nano [by] using BrainBlock's Point of Sale. Scan, confirm payment, done. No waiting, no taxes, no shenanigans.

Given that this POS is easy to use, unpretentious and instantaneous, retailers, whether or not they are promoters of cryptography, will eventually realize that the integration of BrainBlocks could indeed hints at Crypto nano focal to Fiat exchange

Brainex, a potential fiat exchange encryption supported by the same individuals behind BrainBlocks, has recently revealed its landing page.

As for the updated site, Brainex will offer direct Nano trading to USD, GBP, EUR, USDT, BTC, ETH and LTC in the near future, which will undeniably trigger the adoption rates of this altcoin, which began to fade into back of the public mind after the market peak of the early 2018.

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