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EXPLOSION Mysterious and intense radio waves have been detected from the center of the Milky Way. Astronomers call it a fast radio burst (FRB) and it only lasts a fraction of a second and is 100 million times stronger than the sun. However, this explosion is unknown where it came from.

This became the fastest radio wave explosion in the Bima Witness Galaxy for the first time. Researchers had trouble tracking it down because the explosion was very short and originated far away.

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The bursts of radio wave energy appear to come from magnetars or stars with very strong magnetic fields. Researchers think the explosion is the same as any other FRB farther from the Milky Way.

“There is a great mystery about what generates this extraordinary energy,” said the leader of the FRB analysis team, Kiyoshi Masui, as quoted by Independent, Friday (6/11/2020).

This explosion has been detected since April 27. So many scientists linked it to the magnetar that was thought to be the cause of the great explosion. The researchers tested this by placing the origin of the jet in the smallest possible part of the sky.

This research was conducted for the first time to demonstrate the relationship between FRB and magnetars. At least it can be a clue to the origin of the FRB so far.

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“We calculated that a powerful explosion from another galaxy would be indistinguishable from multiple fast radio bursts, so this really gives weight to the theory that magnetars could be the cause of the FRB,” study co-author Pragya Chawla said.

While it is true that FRB originates from magnetars, there are still many mysteries that remain. Astronomers need to understand how the mechanism allows magnetars to excite the FRB so much.

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