Morning Briefing (Oct 27) / YTN-YTN News


  1. Morning briefing (October 27) / YTNYTN News
  2. Mi-ae Chu, Seok-Yeol Yoon and conservative owner of the media “inspection in progress”Hankyoreh
  3. “Suk-Yeol Yoon, beyond political neutrality” … Chu Mi-ae, National Bureaucratic Office “Badfall” (Field Video) / SBSSBS news
  4. 秋 “All I had to do was trace the bill … but the prosecution almost buried the Opti case”JoongAng Ilbo Mobile
  5. Chu Mi-ae “‘Ottimus Unsuspected’ by Suk-yeol Yoon scheduled to be inspected” / YTNYTN News
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