Morgan Creak CEO Mark Yusko shares the eterum Optimistm despite ETH Price Plummet


  Mark Yusko, CEO of Morgan Creak, shares the optimism of Ethereum despite the ETH Price Plummet

In a meeting between Dion Rabouin of Yahoo Finance, Rick Newman, Dan Roberts and & # 39; Morgan Creek CEO Mark Yusko, the discussion has shifted to the recent market recession of Ethereum . With the price coming down so low, they managed to hold more than any other altcoin in 2018.

That a major concern that continues to happen with ETH is that there are many ICOs creating their bases on the token, and a most of those ICOs have been scams, but those that are not scams have decided to cash in quickly ETH also speed

Yusko has discussed if these situations are a bad sign for the blocker platform of Ethereum.Tutto is a sequence of advances in technology. First, the Internet opened the door to various technological possibilities in 1996 to promote digital commerce. Subsequently, TrustNet must be built, which was to be supported by the ETH protocol.

Yusko expects this transition to occur in 2024, saying,

"People might say that its six years from now, it's like 1993 or the Internet of 1994 when Google had just been thought up and no one thought it was important. "

Based on Yusko's assessment, the difference between the Internet and TrustNet is that application developers are the ones who make the most of the money on the internet. However, TrustNet is primarily intended to profit developers. Moreover, the work and progress of Ethereum in their technology could make them profitable for this type of application. While Bitcoin is an application with a superior network with the largest amount of security in the world.

However, he says,

"Ethereum is different to think of it as the TrustNet World Wide Web."

Rabouin discussed the comments that Jordan Belfort made a little behind, saying that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies were just scams, despite Belfort also calling himself a crook.

In response, Yusko said,

"The problem is that he was talking about ICO, not Bitcoin or Ethereum, but he was talking about utility tokens and some of the utility tokens were a scam, everywhere where c & # 39; it is capital, bad people will present themselves. "

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