Monero starts a project to combat cryptocurrency extraction malware


Cryptocurrency mining is a big business that investors are willing to spend thousands of dollars on the purchase and tuning of equipment. In addition to high energy costs and maintenance requirements, cryptographic malware and ransomware pose a serious threat to the industry.

Malero Minerario program of Cryptocurrency Monero

Fortunately, Monero has announced that it will launch a dedicated website that will allow users to get information on various cryptographic malware. The website will also make an additional effort to provide information on how to clean up equipment after a malware attack. As reported by CCN, one of Monero's highlights is the high level of privacy and is also easier to extract than other digital currencies such as bitcoins.

In a recent interview, Justin Ehrenhofer, the current director of Malware Response Workgroup, said that two of the main reasons why hackers are aimed at Monero are because they are private and therefore do not have to worry about being tracked by the forces of 39; order. Therefore, they have the freedom to do anything with the stolen Monero coins.

The second reason why Monero is so frequently attacked is the use of the Proof of Work algorithm that is not only GPU friendly but also CPU friendly. The algorithm makes the infected mining machines very competitive. However, it is important to note that other cryptocurrencies are also attacked by hackers, including Bitcoin, but XMR has robust privacy features that make it more secure.

Objectives of the working group on the response to malware

One of the main objectives of creating malware response workgroups is to help cryptocurrency miners manage threats and reduce the risk of the same problem recurring in the near future. The increase in malware created specifically to attack Monero has also motivated the company to create this task force.

The goal of the website is to inform all visitors who visit the site of the various ways to protect their equipment from malware. Experts will also publish information intended to guide users on how to safely remove malware. Since many people do not understand what is happening to their equipment when they are attacked, the information presented on the website will come in handy.

The website provides solutions to three common types of attacks, namely:

  1. ransomware
  2. Browser-based mining scripts
  3. Malware-based system

Get rid of the Crypto jackpot scripts

Hackers have advanced and now install scripts that are customized to extract Monero from browsers. In most cases, they are distributed similarly to the traditional activation service. For example, offers users the ability to opt-in and use their browsers to extract XMR while browsing the site.

In a recent report from McAfee, crypto-jacking cases have risen by over 86% in the last three months, while illegal encryption cases have soared 459%. The report also indicated that most hackers use NSA hacking tools to infect computers with the above malware.

The Monero team does not support malware

The creation of the Monero Response Workgroup is sufficient proof that the Monero team is strongly against malware and is committed to helping users protect themselves from it. Visit the website to learn more about ways to stay safe while doing cryptocurrency mining.

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