Middle East BIOS to provide cloud-based blockchain services


The BIOS of Managed Cloud Provider based in the United Arab Emirates Middle East has signed a MoU with VeChain, a global platform of public blockchains focused on corporate adoption and BIOS in the Middle East.

The partnership expects both companies to co-market and implement a blockchain-as-a-service and blockchain-enabled cloud service framework.

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Sara Nabaa, Country Manager, VeChain and Dominic Docherty, Managing Director, BIOS Middle East

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Sara Nabaa, VeChain and Dominic Docherty, BIOS Middle East

"By leveraging the skills of BIOS Middle East in Cloud Services and System integration, I believe Dominic's team will help accelerate adoption and transactions on the VeChain platform, starting with Dubai, one of the most respectful states in the world, "said Sunny Lu, co-founder and CEO of VeChain.

VeChain's range of blockchain solutions for businesses that are part of the Internet of Things (IoT) are ripe for leading cloud service providers like BIOS Middle East to offer a variety of Blockain-as-a-Service offerings ( BaaS) to existing customers through energy, finance, retail, petrochemicals and healthcare industries in the Middle East.

BIOS Middle East and VeChain recognize that, in order to achieve a large-scale blockchain revolution, companies will need help to design, migrate and manage their blockchain solutions to realize its enormous benefits.

BIOS Middle East is integrating its Security-as-a-Service offering, known as BIOS Secured on the VeChain blockchain. This will allow you to encrypt and record significant events on the blockchain in order to make them unrepeatable, eliminating the possibility that bad actors change registers.

"BIOS Middle East will work with VeChain to extend its proven blockchain solutions to be directly accessible to Middle East and African organizations through the CloudHPT platform, which will potentially carry thousands of transactions on a daily basis," said Dominic Docherty, managing director, BIOS Middle East.

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