Microsoft integrates the Blockchain offer in the Nasdaq services following the new partnership


American software company Microsoft will integrate its Azure Blockchain technology in the Nasdaq Inc. Financial Framework (NFF) stock exchange, according to a press release dated October 30th.

According to the recent announcement, Microsoft will integrate its Azure blockchain service with NFF, a technology that provides software for the trading infrastructure and the outsourcing of operations, and meets the offer of surveillance technologies. and risk of Nasdaq.

In the area of ​​collaboration, the parties will develop a "blockchain agnostic ledger" that will allow operability across multiple registries. The new product will easily facilitate the matching between buyer and seller, delivery management, payment and settlement of transactions.

The integration of Azure Blockchain will allow NFF customers to implement various blockchains through a common interface, as well as promoting blockchain development.

Tom Fay, Senior Vice President of Enterprise Architecture at Nasdaq, said the partnership with Microsoft removes some of the complexities involved in integrating blockchain technology into existing infrastructures. He added:

"Our NFF integration with their blockchain services provides a layer of abstraction, making our offer smoother, safer, highly scalable and ultimately helps us continue to explore a much wider range of use cases. of customers for blockchain ".

Recently, Nasdaq has revealed a new blockchain patent, which refers to "a computer system […] provided to safely release time-sensitive information to recipients via a blockchain. "With the patent, the company seems to be trying to facilitate the timely release of information to the media while maintaining security and legal ownership.

Last month in an interview with Cointelegraph, Nasdaq's head of alternative data, Bill Dague said he is exploring the addition of cryptographic data sets to his market analysis tool. It remains to be seen, however, whether the exchange will start or not an encrypted product.

In August, Azure introduced an authority testing algorithm (PoA) on its Ethereum blockchain product. A PoA algorithm is based on the principle of approved identities or validators on a blockchain and does not require competition in completing transactions.

The new Ethereum product on Azure comes with a number of features to ensure proper operation and security, such as an identity leasing system, support for Parity's Web assemblies, Azure Monitor and a Governance Decentralized Application. (Dapp).

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