Microsoft and SpaceX are working to develop the Internet of the future, Starlink


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Microsoft has entered into an agreement with SpaceX. He wants to connect his Azure Cloud to the Internet of the future Starlink. Additionally, both companies are developing an early warning system for missiles and ballistic missiles for the US government.

One of the side projects of Elon Musk and his space company SpaceX is a small revolution in the provision of the Internet. With the help of thousands of satellites in low orbit, it wants to connect even the most remote areas to the Internet. Let your receiver see the sky and you’ll have fast internet access with low latency. At the same time, the connection speed should exceed the traditional wired Internet connection.

SpaceX has shown that creating an orbital satellite network is only a matter of time. However, it will itself be useless if it does not have access to data centers on Earth.

SpaceX and Microsoft collaboration

Microsoft sees the future in the Starlink system, so it has decided to partner with SpaceX to connect its global internet and Azure cloud to the satellite system.

Starlink is intended to serve as the ultimate level to provide users around the world with high-speed Internet. The data will be retrieved from Microsoft’s modular data centers.

SpaceX plans to launch 49,000 satellites into low orbit, providing Internet connectivity around the world. Through this network, Microsoft will expand its cloud services around the world.

See the SpaceX StarLink alpha test result – What speeds does the Internet offer by Elon Musk?

Starlink Internet in Canada coming soon

Starlink Internet will soon be available in Canada. After five months, the company finally got a license to provide these services. Canada blocked the effort for months, only granting permission to SpaceX after citizens started protesting.

There is a big problem with the internet in the most remote areas of this country. Politicians have come up with a number of proposals in recent years, but in the end nothing has happened. SpaceX has found an elegant solution.

SpaceX will help the US military create an orbital early warning system

SpaceX will also build four experimental satellites with infrared sensors, which will be used to detect missiles or ballistic missiles. If successful, this project will form the basis of a new orbital tracking network for the US military. SpaceX received $ 149 million to create four prototypes.

SpaceX is also developing the revolutionary Starship spacecraft, which has undergone its first tests. Watch the video:

See how SpaceX tests the Starship SN6 – 150m jump with success!

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