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BOISE, Idaho and MUMBAI, India, October 27, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Micron Technology, Inc., (Nasdaq: MU) and Tata Communications (NSE: TATACOMM) today announced that they are joining forces to create a global mobile phone solution enabled connectivity that will simplify and accelerate the large-scale global deployment of Internet of Things (IoT) devices. This solution will be powered by a new virtual SIM, the world’s first cloud-based Integrated Subscriber Identity Module (eSIM), offering a flexible and scalable alternative to traditional physical SIM cards. The cloud-based eSIM will be enabled by Micron’s Authenta ™ Key Management Service (KMS), the first silicon-based security platform as a service for edge devices.

With this technology, Tata Communications’ MOVE ™ global IoT solution will offer a pervasive end-to-end solution for zero-touch onboarding of IoT devices connected to cloud services in 200 countries and territories, supported by the company’s relationships with more of 600 mobile network operators around the world. The solution will unleash innovation in the expanding IoT service ecosystem, which is expected to nearly triple revenue by 2026 to $ 466 billion (ABI Research, IoT Market Tracker – Worldwide, 2Q 2020). Companies are demonstrating this. solution, launching in 2021, at Micron and Tata Communications’ IoT Security Online Conference, which began today.

“The business landscape we are experiencing today is uncharted territory, forcing organizations to be agile and to adopt zero-touch digital technologies and applications,” said Tri Pham, Chief Strategy Officer of Tata Communications. “IoT solutions can help companies become more efficient and productive and can also bring new opportunities and innovations, enabling them to scale new levels of growth.”

Pham added, “Yet cybersecurity, seamless integration and reliable and robust connectivity and global reach continue to remain key barriers to enterprise global adoption. By joining forces with Micron to reinvent edge connectivity and security, we will create a new paradigm that will quickly accelerate and simplify the deployment of the IoT. “

While industry projections had predicted 50 billion IoT device deployments by 2020, the reality fell short with only around 9 billion IoT devices deployed. This disparity stems from widely underestimated challenges with cellphone-enabled connectivity and cybersecurity, which hinder the growth of the IoT. While cellular connectivity offers significant advantages over Wi-Fi, such as longer range, better outdoor performance, greater security, and the existing global infrastructure, ABI Research expects only 420 million IoT devices connected via cellular in 2021, only a fraction of total IoT deployments (ABI Research, M2M Embedded Cellular Models, 3Q 2020). This gap is due to the complex logistics required for cellular services around the world, such as physical SIM card management and fixed operator-by-country contracts.

By addressing these challenges head-on, Tata Communications will offer a cloud-based eSIM for IoT, backed by Micron’s flash-based identity platform, Authenta KMS. The solution will allow:

  • Highly scalable IoT security: Instead of a physical SIM card to verify mobile identity, Authenta KMS provides device identities for the virtual SIM in the cloud, enabling secure, zero-touch device enrollment and onboarding to IoT services.
  • Global seamless connectivity: New SIM powers IoT devices with secure, borderless cellular connectivity anytime, anywhere, eliminating the complex management of physical SIM cards, location-based operator contracts and roaming charges. This is particularly beneficial for the industrial, infrastructure, automotive, aviation, transportation and logistics sectors that require far-reaching global connectivity for portable devices even in remote, borderless locations and short-range Wi-Fi networks. The solution will also allow companies to incorporate 5G into their IoT deployment strategies, taking advantage of 5G’s lower latency, higher capacity and faster data speeds.
  • Mobile on request-qualified subscription: The unique approach to SIM technology enables just-in-time delivery of SIMs so users don’t have to sign up for a monthly service until the connection is actually needed in the field. This just-in-time delivery reduces customers’ capital and operational expenses, compared to physical SIM cards that require service contracts to be activated well in advance of shipment.
  • Pay-as-you-go flexibility: The Tata Communications MOVE ™ platform enables pay-as-you-go service instead of fixed monthly contracts. This is particularly beneficial for customers who do not need always-on cellular connectivity, such as those who combine Wi-Fi and mobile networks.

Micron and Tata Communications to open innovation for the IoT service ecosystem

By greatly simplifying flexible global connectivity, the edge-to-cloud solution will also unlock rich possibilities for innovation in the IoT market.

“The IoT ecosystem is at a tipping point. While there are untapped business opportunities, current hardware security methods are either too complex and expensive, or they limit scalability and flexibility, “said Kris Baxter, vice president and general manager of Micron’s Integrated Business Unit.” With SIM Tata Communications’ virtual cloud-based security, Micron’s Authenta edge security will bridge this gap, driving enterprise IoT adoption and open innovation in IoT services. “

With physical SIM cards, OEMs must tightly match the device identity to the IoT service during production to prevent the interaction of insecure devices and services, but this results in a vendor lockdown. Authenta’s simple authentication separates the security needs of the IoT service from the production flow by allowing late binding of third party certificates. This flexibility allows end users to securely access various vendor-independent services, allowing them to customize and leverage IoT devices as platforms for innovation, similar to robust smartphone customization with today’s mobile app stores. By opening the ecosystem, Micron and Tata Communications will enable the IoT services market to deliver on its full promise with a broader device footprint.

Security as a Micron Authenta Service solution powers flash-based IoT identities

As the threat landscape becomes riskier with sophisticated attackers and hacks on IoT devices, from connected aquariums to baby monitors, cybersecurity is a weak link in IoT adoption. Through its root of trust in silicon, Authenta provides a single level of protection for the lowest tiers of IoT software. Starting with the boot process, Authenta uses strong cryptographic identity and security features natively built into flash memory. To enable device compatibility with this new SIM, OEMs only need to install Authenta flash; there is no need to insert secure keys or add secure items.

Leveraging this root of trust, Micron Authenta KMS cloud-based service authenticates these IoT devices, allowing them to be activated and managed at the edge. This enables platform hardening and device protection throughout the entire lifecycle, from production to installation. The ease of this security-as-a-service solution is especially beneficial to traditional manufacturers making forays into connected devices for IoT use cases. With Authenta’s plug-and-play security, these OEMs, with no cybersecurity experience, can focus on their core competencies and rely on Micron’s decades of integrated expertise to deliver hardware security.

This cloud-based eSIM for IoT devices is expected to begin shipping in the first half of 2021. Those interested in learning more about the eSIM can contact [email protected]. For additional questions about Micron’s Authenta technology, please contact [email protected].

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