Miami will host the conference on the North American bitcoins of 2019 from 17 to 18 January


Miami hosts the conference on the North American bitcoins of 2019

The seventh edition of the North American Bitcoin Conference will be held at the start of next year in Miami.

As reported on, cryptocurrency and blockchain fans from all over the world will meet in Miami from January 17, 2019. The conference will end the next day. The main topic on the agenda will be to accelerate the traditional adoption of blockchain technology and digital currencies.

This year the convention attracted 4,500 participants. This, along with its existence for the better part of the last decade, makes it one of the most popular events in the cryptographic space calendar. In addition, next year's meeting should focus on blockchain-based security tokens.

The North American Bitcoin Conference is part of the World Blockchain Forum series. Similar to his contemporaries, he is often appreciated by the leading entrepreneurs of the financial and technological industries. For example, the 2019 edition will present the founders of projects that raised a total of $ 18.1 billion through ICO token sales. In addition, previous conferences were covered by reliable news sources such as the New York Times, Forbes, Bloomberg and so on.

As expected, the speakers will talk about investing in cryptographic space and related issues, including ICOs, legal frameworks and the impact of decentralization on the global economy.

The North American Bitcoin Conference is organized by Keynote, directed by Moe Levin. Regarding this, Levin said that the meeting seeks to influence its participants in making wise investment decisions. He added that the meeting will analyze the project's whitepapers so that participating cryptor investors can gain a better understanding of their potential areas of investment. Levin concluded by saying that the crypt enthusiasts will have the opportunity to meet the leaders of the major blockchain companies.

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