Meteor Shower 2020: Taurid, Leonid and Fireballs: Here’s When and How to Watch Them All; Full moon and lunar eclipse too!


One of the brightest meteor showers of the year will soon skim the night skies with the Taurids already showing up as early as the end of October, quickly peak next week and last until the end of the month. Three more astronomical displays will join Taurid with the Leonid Meteor Shower, November’s Full Beaver Moon, and a lunar eclipse which would all be visible this month.

Meteor shower

(Photo: NASA)

October may have brought all the ghosts and terrors of space that lined up beautifully with the Halloween season. However, this month, November is getting all the astronomical wonders perfect for relaxing under the night sky. Taurids are expected to appear every November 5th through 12th, and are really well on their way to showing up.

Taurid meteor shower: the most anticipated month of November

Taurid meteor shower

(Photo: NASA)

According to the American Meteor Society, southern and northern Tauris can be seen in the night skies right now and will be visible thanks to its “slow burn” abilities that light up the skies. The Northern Taurids will be brighter on Wednesday 11 November, being in their most active state.

The Southern and Northern Taurid duo have one of the most active and sustained duration of visibility among Earth’s annual visitors and nighttime shows in the skies. Second WSTP News, these meteor showers come from a different comet and asteroid, namely Comet Encke for the south and asteroid 2004 TG10 representing the north.

The exceptionally bright meteors are one of the places to be seen whenever the month of November arrives. The Taurid meteor shower is one of the most beautiful displays of illuminating objects in the night skies and is anticipated by tourists. Taurids can be seen with the naked eye, away from city lights and light pollution.

Tauris is also known for exhibiting fireballs in the night sky, displaying a bright show of light and color in the sky. Fireballs are still meteors; however, they give off a brighter aspect that is brighter than magnitude -4. These meteors are roughly the same magnitude and brilliance as the second planet in the Solar System, Venus.

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Leonid Meteor Shower: participation in the November 2020 Sky Shows

Leonid Meteor shower

(Photo: Wikipedia)

Joining the Tauris is another bright and colorful meteor show, the Leonids, which are currently peaking and will remain until the end of November. According to CNet, the Leonid meteor shower comes from comet 55P / Temple Tuttle are shredded meteor clouds that the Earth passes every time it orbits the Sun.

According to American Meteor Society, that would be more of an unlikely appearance in the present, despite the arrival of the meteor storm predicted for 2030. The storm would have been minor, ten years in preparation, and would not have produced such an extraordinary spectacle since 2001.

November beaver full moon and lunar eclipse

full moon

(Photo: NASA)

The Moon is set for another show this November and will feature a full-bodied shape in the skies right at the end of November. According to Lancaster, the full moon in November is called the “Beaver Moon” due to the animal’s activity during this time of the month.

The Beaver Moon can be seen on November 30 and would also feature a lunar eclipse where Earth blocks light and casts a shadow on the lunar surface. Capture all the astronomical events in this cosmic-filled November 2020 with the Taurid and Leonid meteor shower, along with the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse to end the month, all without telescope and special equipment, away from city lights and the ‘pollution.

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