Meet 3 of the blockchain experts who talk about Hard Fork Decentralized


At our next blockchain event, we invited some inspirational speakers with a wide range of skills. Given that the blockchain industry is faced with many unanswered questions that will determine the next 10 years, it is more important than ever to bring the experts' opinions into the mix. Each of our speakers will offer something new to the discussion and together we will explore the future of the blockchain.

Here are just a few experts talking at our event:

Ayelet Noff, Co-CEO and founder of Blonde 2.0

Ayelet is known as one of the most successful women in the blockchain industry, having founded the leading PR blockchain agency in the world. It also has a background in the content and was author of TNW.

He has already written about how to advertise a blockchain startup, and has been described in Forbes as a "female rockstar driving the crypto scene".

At the Decentralized Hard Fork, you can expect his experience in public relations to shape the way he sees the future of the industry.

Margarita Khartanovich, editor-in-chief of the binary district

Binary district aims to debunk myths about disruptive technology – which certainly keeps the company busy, considering how the blockchain has been disruptive. Margarita will discuss how the media play a role in the adoption of the blockchain and deepen the cryptic landscape of the media of the future.

Margarita spoke to our flagship TNW Conference in May. Together with Marloes Pomp and Kavita Gupta, they discussed the challenges we must overcome to achieve mass adoption. You can watch the complete speech here:

Cassidy Robertson, Product Owner at CryptoKitties

Cassidy works on the well-known CryptoKitties and talked about the wildlife conservation projects of the company. He believes that blockchain can be a great way to increase transparency and reduce poaching, thereby reducing the threat of extinction for endangered species.

At Hard Fork Decent, you can expect to learn more about how CryptoKitties enables blockchain users and how technology can help solve some of the biggest problems in humanity.

If you want to hear these blockchain experts talking, come with us! You can secure your ticket here. Do not forget that as a woman interested in the blockchain, you can get a discount of 85% on your ticket.

See you in London December 12-14!

Published 6 November 2018 – 2.38 pm UTC

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