MedChain, IBM Cognition Foundry collaborates with Blockchain Medical Records


MedChain and IBM Business Partner Cognition Foundry signed an agreement to implement IBM's LinuxONE system with blockchain technology in the healthcare sector.


MedChain, a newly established company developing blockchain and decentralized applications (dApps) for Electronic Medical Record (EMR), said it had partnered with IBM Business Partner Cognition Foundry to combine IBM LinuxONE servers with its blockchain solution and implement it in the healthcare sector.

MedChain and Cognition Foundry will work together to help patients monitor health data and support researchers working on new treatments.

According to MedChain, incorporating IBM's server will allow the company to move on to the second phase of its project.

"Phase II is the intensive intelligence of data and the deep learning involved in the analysis of all that data Based on the existing MedChain permissions framework, only the patient can authorize his / her data to be used in research, "said Steve Wishstar, MedChain's chief technology officer.

He added that the second phase would be a secure significant storage of data on the entire life cycle of the blockchain.

"The effect of making every patient's data accessible by all care providers means that new discoveries can be made on the basis of the" holistic "view of each individual procedure or drug taken into consideration," Wishstar

By developing the first phase of his project, MedChain has helped patients gain control over their personal and health data in the blockchain. Patients may give or block access to health care providers such as hospitals and physicians.

The MedChain network is a multi-tier infrastructure and a protocol system based on multiple registries distributed using a multi-crypto-token framework. The network is developed on the blockchain technology provided by Hyperledger Fabric, which is compatible with LinuxONE.

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