MC Rapper Artist Soulja Boy's Young Draja album contains Bitcoin Song as Mixes Art with Message


Soulja Boy mixes his art with a message

From Homers Oddesy to Oliver Stone & # 39; s Born on July 4th, art was a means of propagating the creator's message. Whether it is to glorify the war or to detest it. While Soulja Boyit might not be exploring such heavy concepts, but it seems that he jumped on the bandwagon of Cryptocurrency with a track on his latest album. For the few who are wondering, DeAndre Cortez Way professionally known as Soulja Boy Tell & # 39; Em, or simply Soulja Boy, is an acclaimed American rapper, record producer, actor and entrepreneur. And now is a well-known Bitcomin investor?

Shortly after 2 pm on 4 October, Soulja Boy on his official Twitter page dropped a cryptocurrency track, probably one of the hottest trends of the last two years. The Chicago-based artist who got a sort of cult following for the song "Crank That", released "Young Drako", an album that has been brought back to life for months.

A large part of the fans approved the album. However, what surprised many supporters of cryptocurrency in particular was the 4th piece of the album titled simply "Bitcoin". The general mood of music and the fragments of lysis have led many to believe that the song was to make fun of trends in the encrypted market. However, this is not the case.

DeAndre starts from how he "made 100 racks from Bitcoin" and expresses his affiliation with the cryptocurrency. Then he seems to touch on the fact that this was the reason he has a relationship with his "little girl". He then referred to the Cash & # 39; s Square App, "looking at his stacked groups through Paypal or the Cash App." He also mentioned Litecoin and the always open nature of the cryptographic market.

Few, if nobody is convinced that this is an accurate description of the artist's life, it would be as fun as it would be. It is more likely that this is his opinion and uses his texts to describe a hypothetical scenario to promote a narrative with artistic freedoms.

Interestingly, this is not the first instance of a rapper showing interest in this investment field. Even Eminem, probably one of the greatest rappers of all time, did it. In his album Kamikaze, his track, Not Alike, Royce Da 5 & # 39 ;, the rapper made mention of Bitcoin in a row.

In itself it may not seem like much. However, Forbes reports later claimed that this reference, while small, has brought more legitimacy to cryptocurrencies as a whole and has now begun to infiltrate modern pop culture. The journalist had noted:

"The mention of the Eminem album is significant, however, since it suggests not getting a rich quick scheme or a way to sell illicit goods online, but rather something that" everyone [is] doing "- which is as common as knowing if you are biting the metal coin to test its quality".

Soulja Boys latest Young Drako offer, the album is accessible via the link: It should be noted that there has been no major reaction to this. While the market did not react to the track, it definitely took the interweb. Moreover, since the mention of this digital gold permeates our collective consciousness, there is no doubt that a masterpiece will be noted for the future. Something that will define the sprint of our times becoming an adult.

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