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Maxonrow is proud to be a Diamond sponsor at Blockchain Expo North America 2018 | Work and employment

SANTA CLARA, California, November 27, 2018 / PRNewswire / – Maxonrow will participate in Blockchain Expo North America 2018, as a Diamond sponsor. In addition, Maxonrow will contribute to the exchange of knowledge in the blockchain sector through three keynote talks of CEO Jin Tai, our Senior Product Manager, Remy Couedic, as well as a participation of our CTO panel Mayur Moudhgalya.

Two key conferences and a participation in the panel

On the first day of Blockchain Expo, on November 28th, we will be present on the panel: how can developers make the most of the blockchain opportunities? This will be held at 10:00. The main point of attention of Mayur are issues related to security and transparency.

For this reason, it will focus on discussing how blockchain technology can combat trust violation issues, all under the motto of business-driven technology instead of technology-based business. Mayur will cover several scenarios of real cases and examples from companies such as Airbnb, Yelp, Uber, Spotify and Amazon.

After the Remy Couedic panel, Senior Product Manager will talk about how to build blockchain applications at 12:00. The central point of his presentation will be the way in which blockchain technology is a scalable solution for companies and will discuss in particular the real uses of Maxonrow's ecosystem.

Finally, Jin Tai, our CEO for the Asia region, will speak about blockchain for enterprise at 1.50pm. It will mainly talk about how Maxonrow can help reduce red tape and delays in business processes while providing a more economical and transparent ecosystem of products. It will present examples of how blockchain technology has had stoppages in the Asian region and how these problems can be solved by adding innovative features to the AI ​​space. like facial recognition.

An opportunity to share the largest Blockchain ecosystem

"We are enthusiastic about the networking and dissemination of our product, hoping to get some nodes and public participation. The session that excites me the most is that related to the securitization of activities and the issue of general activities, the identity on the blockchain is another key component, "said CTO Mayur Moudhgalya of Maxonrow.

In addition, our CEO for the Asia region, Jin Tai, said: "Blockchain technology has been overwhelmed by people who want to change the world but are not actually helping that change, change does not happen in an instant, it's a gradual process and to Maxonrow, our bet is to influence public policy around the world by collaborating with governments, companies and businesses and to make their work easier and to ensure a better service for all those involved.Our goal from the 1st day is to create products that make sense for our users and have an impact on their daily lives ".

Join Maxonrow at Blockchain Summit North America

Maxonrow will be present at booth 667 from November 28th to November 29th. His team will be available to answer questions and interact with all participants and fans of the blockchain industry.

About Maxonrow

Founded in 2018, Maxonrow is the first network in the world to connect companies, governments and businesses with the real economy through blockchain technology. Maxonrow believes in the power of people as much as in the power of his network or the blockchain ecosystem that consists of 10 products built to meet everyone's needs. Whether you are an individual, a small business, a financial institution, an NGO or a government, Maxonrow can help you achieve your goals through innovative blockchain technology solutions.

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