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Ethereum (ETH) – the second largest digital currency in the world by market capitalization – has gone through a lot lately. The digital currency has recently been involved in a major decline that has significantly reduced its value and made it to test a new annual minimum.

These losses were attributed to the Dapp on the ICO platform and sales. However, the value of the currency is now coming back, recovering above the $ 200 level and trading higher.

However, there has been a persistent problem in the Ethchelium blockchain ecosystem (ETH), and this is the removal of ASIC miners from gaining an extra-large share of the precious digital currency (ether) of the platform.

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Martin Holst Swende joins the Ethereum Devs team to support the removal of ASIC Miners

A prominent voice has recently joined the team of ETH developers who support this notion. A security officer at the Ethereum Foundation (ETH) – Martin Holst Swende, recently gave his voice to support the action of eliminating ASIC extraction hardware from the Ethereum platform (ETH).

Swende became part of the blockchain project in 2016 and has since worked to ensure that code changes do not damage or stop Ethereum blockchain (ETH) operations. With this idea, he is supporting other leading technologists working on the core code of the platform and believes that these chips should be blocked.

MetaMask Blocks 333 ETH – the most popular Ethereum Dapp

MetaMask – a digital money portfolio and a decentralized application on the Ethereum blockchain (ETH) – recently blocked 333ETH – the most popular decentralized application on the Ethereum blockchain (ETH). MetaMask said it had decided to block Dapp, which would have made it optional, as the decentralized app 333ETH was an "active scam". MetaMask has stated that it has done so in the best interest of users.

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