Market Update 9.21.18 – Banned BTC donations for political campaigns


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Call for BTC Donations for Political Campaigns

The State of California has officially banned political donations in the form of cryptocurrency, in particular Bitcoin. The Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) for California, in a vote of 3 to 1, issued this new ruling, explaining that it was difficult to trace the origins of such donations and therefore there would be problems related to political transparency. [19659004] In August, the FPPC discussed a number of issues related to the elections and one of these was whether cryptocurrencies should be accepted as political donations in the countryside.

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BTC "Seller fatigue" indicating that the market is over

During Yahoo! Finance & # 39; s 2 nd annual All Markets Summit Chief Executive Officer of Galaxy Digital as well as Bitcoin enthusiast, Michael Novogratz stated that cryptographic markets have vendor fatigue, which means that the markets have finally reached the bottom.

Last week, Novogratz had said that Bitcoin had hit the bottom and reiterated this belief once again. He illustrated the point by showing how Bitcoin price declines have been much more stable throughout the year than before. He said that the cryptocurrency could hold its highs, kept its $ 6,000 position. He also said he believed that the institutions are moving towards investments in cryptocurrencies.

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Bitfury launches new ASIC extraction hardware BTC

Bitfury Group, Bitcoin mining hardware (BTC) manufacturer, announced this week that it has launched a new generation of its BTC-based mining hardware ASIC. This chip, called Bitfury Clarke, will be sold individually and will be integrated into Bitcoin's Bitcoin extraction hardware, in particular its BlackBox and mining servers.

This new ASIC-based chip will be deployed in Bitfury mining centers in Georgia, Canada, Iceland and Norway.

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Total Market Cap: Sep 21

Trade volumes increased by $ 5.12 billion to $ 17.42 billion. The cryptographic market ceiling has risen by $ 17,49 billion to $ 217.40 billion

Bitcoin price analysis: September 21

The current price of Bitcoin is $ 6703.88, up 4.62% over the last 24 hours of trading. The market capitalization of Bitcoin is $ 115.78 billion and trade volume is currently $ 5.33 billion

Pricing analysis by Ethereum: September 21

The symbolic price of Ethereum is $ 226.12, up by 8.50% on the last day. The value of Ethereum is $ 23.03 billion and the volumes of trade have also increased to $ 2.19 billion

Top 10 status Cryptocurrencies: Set 21

In the last 24 hours, the cryptocurrency market has shown a massive turnaround from the most flat trading for much of this week. The top ten cryptocurrencies, with the exception of Tether, which trades down 0.02%, are skyrocketing. The biggest gains have been made by Ripple, which has risen dramatically by 41.70% in the last 24 hours.

  • Bitcoin's is now priced at $ 6703.88, climbing 4.62%. The capitalization of the asset is $ 115.78 billion.
  • Ethereum is trading at a price of $ 226.12%, up by 8.50%. Capitalization of assets is $ 23.03 billion
  • . Ripple now trades at a price of $ 0.463110, climbing 41.70%. The capitalization of the asset is $ 18.43 billion.
  • Bitcoin Cash is now trading at a price of $ 480.20, with a jump of 12.60%. Capitalization of assets is $ 8.33 billion.
  • The EOS report is now trading at a price of $ 5.73, up 10.37%. Capitalization of assets is $ 5.22 billion.
  • Stellar & # 39; s now trades at the price of $ 0.243013, climbing 17.77%. Capitalization of assets is $ 4.56 billion.
  • Litecoin is now trading at a price of $ 57.78, with a jump of 6.93%. Capitalization of assets is $ 3.37 billion.
  • The Tether & # 39; s now trades for $ 1, falling 0.02%. Capitalization of assets is $ 2.76 billion.
  • Cardano is now trading at the price of $ 0.083395, climbing 15.83%. Capitalization of assets is $ 2.16 billion.
  • Monero & # 39; s now trades priced at $ 119.09, climbing 7%. The capitalization of the asset is $ 1.95 billion.
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