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If you are fond of cryptocurrency, it is likely that you are an expert with all the best cryptographic forums.

In case you are not aware of the main community and cryptocurrency forums, we have a list ready for you.

Do you often be willing to discuss the encrypted market with other like-minded individuals, but to draw a void when you look for them?

This list could therefore prove to be really useful for you.

From the market news, to the heated debates on which currency will increase and which will go wrong, these forums discuss everything.

Often, important news is first displayed on these forums, before they are detected by major news agencies.

So equipped, let's go along with this list.

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Major communities and cryptocurrency forums that you need to know

Forum Bitcoin

A place where all cryptocurrency enthusiasts gather virtually, this place is ideal for all things Bitcoin.

The platform operates in association with It focuses mainly on Bitcoin, but also has a section on Altcoin.

It has various sections like Bitcoin like Bitcoin news, development, technical discussions and Bitcoin mining.

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Reddit is a popular online forum for discussing anything under the sun.

Although not categorically limited to discussions on cryptocurrency, a large number of cryptocurrency enthusiasts frequent the site.

Reddit has a system where users can ask a particular question. The questions with upvotes gain answers, while the admin team rejects the questions with downvotes.

The online community is huge and constantly growing.

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Bitcointalk Forum

The Bitcointalk forum is by far one of the most popular cryptocurrency platforms. This community was created by the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto.

Created in 2011, the forum is still active and has regular conversations on the platform.

People discuss various things ranging from Bitcoin, altcoins, ICO, token and mining to other cryptocurrencies.

The platform also provides readers with information on new initial coin offers. It keeps users updated on most things that happen in the market.

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You wonder where you can find the latest news on various Altcoin and Ico. Cryptocurrencytalk is the place for you.

Users discuss everything from prices, forecasts, mining pools, new ICOs and various industry news.

It has an active user base of around fifty thousand which makes it a very popular place for discussions on cryptocurrencies.

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If you're on the Internet most of the time, chances are you already know about Quora.

It's a platform like Reddit that has discussions on everything from Bitcoin to breastfeeding. If you have questions, Quora is where you will find the answers.

It has an active user base of people discussing cryptocurrencies. Users can request specific people to answer a specific question.

It does not have a redundant application control system, so you can find answers to even the most basic questions on the platform.

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