Magic and witchcraft between superstition and truth in Arab countries


Researchers and civilians have spoken to Sputnik about the rituals of witchcraft, as well as some real facts that they have seen and experienced in their countries, but have emphasized that current rituals are inherited from pre-celestial religions and that it is not just a state, or a class without the other, where they believe politicians, simple people and celebrities.

Masood Shoman, poet and researcher in folklore, says that many of the practices and rituals of magic have been inherited from ancient times and some have been inherited so far and others have disappeared.

According to Schumann's statements to Sputnik on Thursday, the current rituals, the so-called rituals, the process of preparing incense, used tools, waste, minerals and so-called "spells" date back to pre-religions, where the magic was Internal beliefs or religion of the tribes, especially in the African region, something that has been handed down from generation to generation up to the present day.

Types of magic

Shoman confirms that magic is divided into two parts, the first of which is "benefit", and was used in the past to get rain or benefit, and in the current era it is used in what is known as repayment of the wife or return of her husband, or marriage, or break some knots, and is also known to the Moroccans Some witches claim to be Moroccan, otherwise.

Black magic

Black magic is one of the most damaging types of magic, mainly because it depends on abuse, explains Shoman, that this type is used in the jinn, and usually the most evil types of jinn, like magic and so-called "frames" in the grave or in the sea or in any place it is difficult to reach, and has been used in the same old form with some different details on the burial of the "frames", that is (anything from clothing or enchanted objects or image or talisman intended by magic).


Shoman confirms that the African region is one of the most preserved rituals today, especially in the presence of the extended tribal system, and that the tribes maintain this heritage and use it against other tribes, while evaluating what is called "Tsar "to break the magic, which is found on one of its members.


Shoman states that the current al-Zar rituals are also inherited. Al-Zar is a ring in which some dances are performed, touching tambourines and singing certain words with incense and lighting in particular colors. Session by type of magic and elves in terms of clothing, incense and dance.

Explain that one of the other ways to deal with magic is to use other magicians and indicate the place of "frames" or magic, and in the absence of "frames" to disassemble, it deals with the magic of some other work, including the offer of sacrifices or veils, which are used to stop work or fortification Against the envious eye or against the bites of scorpions or snakes in desert areas, as well as water seminars in homes and other similar habits.

To stop marrying girls

Hoda Fadl, an Egyptian, states that witchcraft is widely used in Egyptian villages, or so-called "work", and is often used against girls to avoid marrying them. A woman, who seeks evil, for example, takes "frames", a piece Dress from the girl and go to the magician and give him a lot of money to prevent any groom from marrying that girl as a scam in the girl or in his family at following any dispute, and the magician does this, and in some cases asked to spray the enchanted water anywhere until he skips the girl on her, and in some Sometimes the magic is put in a bottle and thrown in some ponds of water weighed with a stone not to float or be buried in the desert.

He adds in his interview with "Sputnik" that the effect of magic appears during the attendance of young people in the girl's house for the sermon, where they go without return, and magic can be used to distinguish the husband and his wife at same way, and then the wife decides to leave the house without return, or have cases Epilepsy, illness and not eating so always ask to leave the house.

He confirms that many cases beside them caused the magic effect and some girls divorced, while some girls' marriage stopped for years, until their parents went to another magician or scholar and they stopped the effect of magic.

Explain that magicians usually get a lot of money, from the employer or the spellbound, who goes to another magician to dismantle the work and that some religious scholars do it for free.

Sayed Ali, of the Sharkia governorate in Egypt, adds that some politicians and celebrities visit the witches' houses in Sharkia from time to time.

He confirms in his statements to "Sputnik" today that some types of magic lead some people to die leaving work and home and away from all normal things.

Emphasize that most of the magic is buried in graves, or at sea, and that one of the stories he witnessed was about the placement of magic inside one of the graves, which frames the enchanted people to open the tomb and remove the magic from it.

Magic in Algeria

Nabhat Zein, a writer and civil activist from Algeria, says that magic is usually done in secret and adds in private statements to "Sputnik" today that the Arab world is involved in all its segments in this matter , especially the celebrity and political class, and there is no difference in this for Algeria, which is one of the first Arab countries to use magic after Africa.

He continues, "common among the largest political class to the smallest is the practice of magic and sorcery, and supported by this belief is to strengthen the angles and attention to the sheikhs (magicians) in order to obtain satisfaction.

Red mercury

It confirms that the Algerian Sahara is the main point and the first source of magic, and in the foreground "Adrar", where there are "sheikhs", who perform magic, all over the country, and refers to all parties seeking to obtain the satisfaction of the boss of the work, or of the husband, or to bring Amato and inflicting damage to a person in particular for a lot of money.

Explain that there are those who promote the removal of magic by magic, which is called (Alklaie) by means of metallic materials such as copper and aluminum, and which they use in means such as ax and chains, white vinegar and pieces of metal and others, used even in the magic material red mercury is also expensive, and that layer is limited rich.

Al-Zain states that the effects of magic vary, starting from the control of the mind or the guidance of the person, and that despite attempts to disturb the belief, the resulting image of this work makes one think of a person if 39; magical effect or is only a popular belief.

Deadly magic

He confirms that he saw an accident a few days ago, when a woman at her front door found a bill and took it, and as soon as she opened it, she found a decree with tables and graphs, which made her feel changes in her body. Of the birds he called this name in the Arab countries), which prompted the lady to remove it with her foot, but after she continued to scream and refuses to return to her home, she refused to talk to her children and her family , refused to eat and drink, and when offered to the doctors did not find a scientific explanation of what is happening For her, she remained until the "head of the cock" dried up and followed the death of the lady immediately after being left for dr N to eat food or drink, and confirm that she had frequented comfort herself.

Another story told by his father, that his friend was sitting in the summer in front of his family home, and if he sees a cat with a black slime, he caught her attention and wondered how to close the mouth of a living organism, and how it can eat and drink, understand and grasp the cat and open its mouth Cut the thread and, if it finds in its mouth the image of his sister who has been in bed for a while 39; and he did not work with any medicine for the inability of doctors to diagnose, he quickly went to his sister's house and knocked on the door, and if his sister opens the door to him as if nothing.

Magic on the phone

Emphasize that the proliferation of witchcraft has negatively affected social relations, made everyone fear eating out of his house, lending his belongings or giving old clothes to the poor and paying attention to everything, even precious gifts, where they can only be discarded for doubt, but they have evolved further From this, as the connection process and the contract nodes become active as soon as the question in the phone and the direct answer, make people when the headset is lifted does not speak first something of magic.

From Morocco, sociology professor Abderrahim Otri said that the magic dates back to the beginning of the story, especially because the wizards provided an explanation for some of the things that the public could not.

He said in special statements to "Sputnik", that one cannot speak of a state that tends to magic without the other, and that all civilizations in the presence of magic strongly.

He reveals that he is divided into black magic and white magic, belief in the evil eye and invisible forces, and that the weakness of man always makes him know the unknown or do what he cannot through black magic.

While magicians do white magic in the context of marrying young people and girls and looking for work and other things, they are all linked to psychological fragility and poverty.

He explained that the rituals now used on offerings, amulets and veils (a veil is a triangular card inside which he writes incomprehensible language), all inherited the bases of witches throughout history, which used to go to oddities, and created their own traditions to emphasize their abilities and uniqueness and produce meaning, where some rituals are necessary to perform operations on rituals, producing a sort of psychological aura and nuances that magicians create in the climate for their works.

He stressed that Morocco cannot be described only as the house of magic, which also extends to European countries and that many politicians and rulers in the world believe in magic and use it, because they use all things.

Prepare the elves

The self-preparation of the jinn on the spot, and through the use of talismans and spells as scattered in the books of magic displayed on the market, the person echoes and draws talismans who perform the elves.

Many villages in Egypt witnessed unjustified and renewed fires more than once, where residents described them as jinn and witches behind them, and some villages in the Sohag Governorate occasionally saw some fires, which devoured dozens of houses and killed dozens of cattle, as was repeated in Giza The families, and resorted to the so-called "healers", to distract the elves from those areas.

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