Logical producer & # 39; Farming & # 39; launches the Blockchain scheme in Toronto


French production company Logical Pictures, with Damson Idris and Kate Beckinsale Farming in Toronto, launches Blockframes blockchain in an attempt to improve cash flows for international sales contracts.

Bac Films signed to be the first exponent of the rights management system that will apply to the agreements signed on their animation Terra Willy .

Logico hopes that Blockframe will provide more clarity around the stock chain, greater security on contracts and accelerated cash flow distribution. "Bac will record and protect in this blockchain the rights of all distributors who buy the film during TIFF", confirmed Gilles Sousa, head of international sales for Bac.

The idea, Logical said, is that later, every time a distributor MG is injected – is injected into Blockframes, the cascade is applied at that time and each stakeholder instantly receives its exact share of revenue .

"We are making Blockframes non-profit available to all participants in the sector,"
added Frédéric Fiore, President of Logical Pictures, "in order to widely disseminate
transparency and good practice. strongly that this will attract new funds for independent cinema, which is facing a financial crisis ". Logical said he is working on two more similar platforms, one for film funding.

Terra Willy the latest film by TAT Productions ( The Jungle Bunch: The Movie ), follows a 10-year-old boy whose rescue capsule lands on a planet wild and unexplored when it is separated from its parents following the destruction of their spaceship.

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