LoafWallet Litecoin iOS and Android wallet for credit card purchases from LTC to Fiat asks the beta testers


LoafWallets needs Beta Testas for the purchase of LTC-Fiat credit cards

LoafWallet it is the most popular Litecoin IOS and Android wallet. He recently stated that he was looking for beta testers for the next update to his platform. V2.1.3 will include numerous bug fixes. Beyond that, it will feature updates to specific types of devices and, above all, will allow all users to purchase LTC using a credit card within the app.

How it works currently

LoafWallet currently allows you to purchase LTC through Coinbase. However, the decision to switch to Simplex took place when the team said they no longer receive a commission from purchases made through this service. The cause of this was due to regulatory issues with a non-US entity. This entity was the Litecoin Foundation, which is a non-profit organization in Singapore that owns LoafWallet.

The new service, Simplex, which participated in the Litecoin summit held in San Francisco, will allow LoafWallet users to purchase from $ 50 to $ 20 in multiple jurisdictions. This will open Litecoin's purchases to over 150,000 LoafWallet users, many of whom reside outside of America.

It also seems that the development team of this portfolio is expanding their partnerships. This is all looking for new ways to earn revenue. However, what such partnerships will still have to be disclosed.

What to expect from the updated version:

  • New basic support for iPad
  • Fixed a bug to be made with the values ​​received from the user / memo fiat transaction
  • Resolves an error where the app was named BRD instead of LoafWallet and Bitcoin instead of Litecoin
  • Improve the reliability and speed of the rate ticker
  • Add the simplex purchasing tool
  • Updates to the development and test process

More information on LoafWallet

LoafWallet is a unique mobile payment verification wallet that works on iOS and Android devices. The development of this project started in 2016 and was designed to be an open source project. This portfolio is aimed at LTC owners who often trade coins on mobile devices. Anyone can talk about this, regardless of his country. All they need is an Android or iOS device.

Charlie Lee, the Litecoin maker, has developed the LoafWallet to meet the needs of users of mobile devices. This portfolio is monitored and managed by a team of developers affiliated with the Litecoin Foundation.

Limitations of this portfolio

If you own an LTC and have an iOS or Android device, you can keep the LTC number you want. If you are on Window, Blackberry or another smartphone OS, you will not be able to access your wallet.

Crypto accepted

This is a single currency wallet. It only supports Litecoins. However, the wallet is safe enough because it does not store any of your online digital assets.

The tax

Since Litecoin owns this portfolio, the rates for Litecoin users are quite low. The average rate for each transaction is $ 0.206; the average commission is $ 0.06.

Is this wallet safe?

The portfolio was created with the idea of ​​offering mobile users a secure and easy-to-use wallet. It was created using the app sandboxing and encrypted using AES hardware to increase security. Beyond that, it comes with the code signatures and the keychain. This ensures that there are no problems with browsers. It also ensures that malware can not introduce bugs into the wallet.

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