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Litecoin Technical Analysis: LTC stabilizes at $ 0.32 – BCFocus

The cryptographic market is stuck in a bearish channel and shows no signs of recovery. Panicked traders are selling off their scrambles. The massive selloff has canceled over $ 64 billion from the overall market capitalization. Many analysts and crypto-elites are of the opinion that the bear rally will not last long and the market will soon reverse its current trend. litecoin [LTC] prices have found support at $ 0.32 today and appear to be struggling with the seller's pressure to get a bullish trend.


LTC prices that found support at $ 32.931 yesterday reached $ 36.7 before going down to trading around $ 32 today. The currency seems to have stabilized at $ 32 as it has found support again at $ 32.725 today. The currency is currently facing resistance at $ 35.097 and has entered consolidation. The MACD indicates that the currency is trading well below the uptrend line. The 100 EMA line at $ 37.88 represents a downward trend. LTC is currently trading at $ 33.79 and is dropping against USD 3.22%.

LTC chart


The digital currency is losing against BTC at the rate of 0.97%. At the time of printing, an LTC is equal to 0.00739453 BTC.

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