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When you look at Litecoin, it has dropped significantly from the levels of $ 375. Currently, it is trading around $ 135. This is why many investors are actually worried about whether it will increase or remain at these levels. It is necessary to keep in mind that the news was not good for Litecoin. Litepay did not work for Litecoin. This is one of the main reasons why the value does not increase significantly.

Moreover, some of the other cryptocurrencies have been overcome by it. This is another reason why our Litecoin is not doing as well. This is why even the trust of most investors in Litecoin is fluctuating. It remains to be seen whether investors are able to regain confidence in Litecoin or not. However, the truth is that there are 3 different factors thanks to which, Litecoin can increase in value in the near future. We will discuss some of these reasons with you.

  1. Low rates:

When you look at the Bitcoin rates, you will realize that they are very high. Likewise, when you are looking at Litecoin's rates, you will realize that they are at the bottom. This is why, every time you look at the commission structure, Litecoin will also get a lot of traction. This means that more and more traders will use Litecoin. As a result, circulation will increase. With the circulation and demand increasing, the price will also increase.

  1. The listing on the new platforms:

Another reason why Litecoin is getting such a pull is that it is quoted on stock exchanges like Gemini. As a result, Litecoin's demand is also increasing. When it will be quoted in new trades, obviously it will live an impulse. If you are continuously quoted on several exchanges, you can be sure that the price of Litecoin will rise.

Moreover, since it has decreased by a significant amount, there is a high probability that it will recover part of the ground lost. When, in fact, it recovers part of the lost ground, it will provide you with great returns.

And for this; you must always keep in mind that from current levels, Litecoin can appreciate significantly. You have to understand this point and only later, you will be able to understand why you should invest in Litecoin. Next time, you're confused about Litecoin; Keep these few factors in mind and only then will you be able to understand why Litecoin will increase in 2018.

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Forecasts for Litecoin: a solidly constructed network that exudes potential in 2018

The future of cryptocurrency - Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin, IOTA, Tron

Although some altcoins are gaining global prestige and relevance with each passing day, Bitcoin is still in the limelight of the most important cryptocurrency in a market with a growing appreciation of the benefits that cryptography and blockchain technology can provide to transactions.

However, this does not mean that there is no room for altcoin growth and solidify their points as successful businesses and companies. Among these, Litecoin seems to be the preferred option for experienced investors in the crypto universe. For reference, altcoins are all distinct bitcoin cryptocurrencies, the industry leader since 2009, and Litecoin may be the best, the safest and the one with the most unexpressed potential.

LTC abbreviated, or £, Litecoin can be defined as a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency and an open source software project. It works with the MIT / X11 license and Charlie Lee created and developed it.

As in the case of Bitcoin and most of the altcoins, Litecoin is a decentralized entity, which means it works without a central authority or a governance agency. The system allows the creation and transfer of tokens, based on an open source cryptographic protocol.

The latest version of Litecoin is version 0.15.1, from March 2018. The C ++ language is the coded language and compatible operating systems are Windows, OS X, Linux, Android. The Litecoin core development team is responsible for development.

As for the information in the ledger, the timestamping scheme is Proof of work and the hash function works with scrypt. There is a blocking reward of 25 LTC, around until 2019, which is halved approximately every four years. The average blocking time is 2.5 minutes.

Pro of Litecoin
Litecoin is an open source project, which means it has the ability and flexibility to implement relevant and useful technological improvements, such as SegWit and the lighting network. In this case, it is an improved version of Bitcoin, which is logical since it was a fork of it.
It's significantly faster than Bitcoin, completing the transactions on average 2.5 minutes, compared to the 10 minutes needed to perform a similar operation on this one.
It is a cheaper option for people trying to execute transactions, with a transaction fee almost zero compared to Bitcoin.
The mining process can be simpler on Litecoin than on Bitcoin (although this concept is debatable), since it uses the new Proof of Work algorithm.
It was created by a former Google employee, who brings a sense of reliability and reliability to the equation.
It has a less "toxic" community since it does not have enough reach from Bitcoin.
It is considerably less volatile during market crashes or the corrections of some of its peers.
The developers and founders have demonstrated excellent leadership skills over time: Charlie Lee left Coinbase as head of engineering with the intention of focusing full-time on the Litecoin project.
There are atomic swaps between LTC / BTC.
The presence of Lightning Network, a platform that promotes and promotes faster transactions.
The total offer of 84 million.
Market capitalization is very low if you compare Litecoin with other tokens at the top of the market.
The Chinese are enthusiastic about it, which is an excellent development of marketing as it represents the most significant area of ​​potential users.
All hardware portfolios support Litecoin.

Cons of Litecoin

People are still waiting for a countermove now that Bitcoin has added SegWit to its catalog of offers. With this development, Litecoin has lost one of the values ​​that has made it different.
Since Litecoin is a fork of Bitcoin, or a new version of you prefers the term, it implies that there will be few, if any, new and innovative ideas, which is something that the altcoins have to offer.

The Litecoin market will be damaged in some way until the problem of Bitcoin resizing will be resolved.
People's perception could damage the name of Litecoin. Many people seem to think that it is the same as Bitcoin. It could be a little while if it were to happen before Litecoin achieves the importance and sustainability that Bitcoin performs every year.

Is it worth investing?

cryptocurrency bitcoin litecoin ethereum

Bitdegree – The cryptocurrency market has grown rapidly in the last year and has continued to do so in 2018. While everyone is talking about cryptocurrencies, there are still many questions to be answered.

Are you confused if you should invest in Litecoin? Not sure if the price will increase or decrease?

Well, here's the good news: all your questions I will answer in this guide. I will discuss the Litecoin bases and share with you our favorite Litecoin predictions. It is difficult to predict the exact future of Litecoin, but we can help you make a better choice.

Litecoin is the fifth largest cryptocurrency, with a market capitalization of over $ 12 billion. So, what makes Litecoin so popular?

A former Google employee, Charlie Lee, created Litecoin in 2011. Just like Bitcoin, Litecoin is also a digital currency. It is built on the same Bitcoin blockchain and can be used to make payments. The biggest advantage offered by Litecoin compared to Bitcoin is speed. In fact, Litecoin is called the "Lite" currency because it is almost four times faster than Bitcoin.

Imagine deciding to buy your next coffee with Bitcoin: guess how long you have to wait? About 10 minutes! This is because 10 minutes is the minimum time needed to confirm a Bitcoin transaction.

Now, imagine paying with Litecoin instead – and surprise! It takes 2.5 minutes to confirm a Litecoin transaction. So it will only take 2.5 minutes until you have your favorite coffee in your hands.

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