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Litecoin News – CoinGate announces the testing phase of its Litecoin Lightning network

The famous YouTuber Tom Scott states that the Brave browser raises donations in BAT on his behalf, without his consent or awareness, thus violating GDPR

Tom Scott, a famous YouTube blogger, has filed charges against Adblock Brave's browser, stating that he ultimately behaved unethical if not violating the law.

On his Twitter account, Scott posted a message saying that the browser is collecting donations from users in BAT tokens, using Scott's name without the blogger having knowledge or approval.

Scott also claims that the initiation of cryptography could violate the General Data Protection Requirement (GDPR) adopted by the EU, as it initiated donation campaigns on its behalf without obtaining a consent.

This has been republished on Reddit.

Brave, here comes Scott

Writing on Twitter about the incident, Scott said that Brave used his name and even his photo to collect money from the audience. When reportedly asked to stop and return the money to each donor, the Brave team responded with a laconic "we'll see what we can do".

Basically, the money collected can be stored by Brave, as by Scott, since the terms that the browser does accept users to state that they can simply keep the donations. The blogger believes that the Brave team provides this service for every content maker on the browser.

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Brave browser is brave

When he tried to contact Brave to ask for explanations, Scott continued, at some point he stopped receiving answers. This happened after he accused them of using his personal data to his advantage, even if Brave is known to contradict Facebook and Google for the same thing by proposing a campaign against these heavyweights.

In conclusion, the blogger wrote that he officially wrote his complaints to Brave. The browser team has admitted to receiving them. Now they have a month to respond to the GDPR requirements.

Meanwhile, the Brave browser has not released any comments on the situation.

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