Litecoin LTC / USD is rapidly returning to a short-term viable support

  • On Wednesday, Litecoin's price is losing heavy losses of around 4.5% in the second part of the session.
  • The LTC / USD bears are heading for a vital support area, the growing trend line,

The price of Litecoin is seen to weigh heavily on the downside in the second half of Wednesday's session. Heavy losses of about 4.5%, in line with a large cooling observed in the cryptocurrency market.

LTC / USD has come across some sellers at session highs, it could very well be a profit. Following the great earnings run found in the last sessions. Market players rushing to cash in on their recent run are not too surprising, as they burst higher in such a short time.

The eyes are now stuck on the rising trend line, which has been running since October 29, to see if it can take the price drop. Support for LTC / USD was immediately valued at $ 52.50, otherwise, it was possible to see a quick shift to the point where the bull run started on October 31st. A downward target of up to $ 47.75.

4-hour LTC / USD chart

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