litecoin [LTC] the creator was introduced in Bitcoin [BTC] of Silk Road


Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin [LTC], the seventh largest cryptocurrency in the market, spoke about Bitcoin [BTC] and how it was introduced to the crypto-space, during a podcast with Laura Shin.

Lee started talking about the tenth anniversary of the Bitcoin whitepaper. He said:

"I guess I was surprised that so many years have passed in. It seemed to me just yesterday when I first discovered Bitcoin that I first read in 2011. Yes, it's incredible that 10 years have already passed."

He also talked about how it was introduced in Bitcoin [BTC]. Lee revealed that he learned of the currency in an article on Silk Road, the famous online market that used only Bitcoin as a means of payment. He said he "teased" his interest in this new form of digital currency that is resistant to censorship and a "better form of money" than existing ones.

Lee said he could not believe that 10 years had passed since the release of the Bitcoin white paper due to his involvement in space. He said:

"I guess I was like this in this space just because I did not keep track of how much time has passed, I guess."

He added that the ultimate goal is to become money, which can be used by everyone on a daily basis. Lee said:

"And I think it will replace the fiat as money that everyone will use.Then, as now, Bitcoin and Criptovaluta are still only a speculative asset and you know that 10 years have passed and we have not really scratched the surface as if everything had become real money. . Yes."

Regardless of this, the creator of Litecoin believes that there has been an improvement in terms of value. He said that the price of Bitcoin was $ 30 when he intervened and he felt that the cryptocurrency was "undervalued". This was the reason why the creator of Litecoin started to get involved in space and why he believed in it, revolutionizing money.

He added:

"So the price has gone up a bit, but actually we have not really achieved an adoption in terms of use."

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