Litecoin [LTC] stress supervision test; funds 1,263 addresses with 0.1 LTC – Crypto News Today


This week at the Litecoin summit, the Litecoin Foundation carried out a stress test for the Litecoin network [LTC] sending 0.1 LTC to 1,263 addresses. This was mainly to increase the movement of the campaign called #PayWithLitecoin which was intended to strengthen the approval of the cryptocurrency.

The Litecoin School of Crypto has published a report in which all the details relating to quantitative transactions have been implemented and content statistics and the embedded take away provided by a famous Twitter fan of Litecoin. The transactions were initiated by Loshan, an LTC developer who completed the transfer of funds in only two transactions using a so-called script. This is done using the dosing concept.

Batch processing is the processing of transactions in a group or batch. No interaction is required by the user after batch processing. This distinguishes the batch processing from transaction processing, which involves transaction processing at a time and requires user interaction. David Harding, Bitcoin expert, said that it is possible to save 80% on transaction fees by transaction batching.

The technique is available to anyone who can start because this service is offered by many popular portfolios, such as Electrum-LTC, which has the "pay-with-many" aspect, declared by However, Loshan used Litecoin to perform batch transactions.

A typical Litecoin transaction is equal to 0.2 KB and the size of the two transaction batches were found between 25.989 kB and 17.32 kB based on the portal. In addition, the fees for the two transactions were 0.00099979 LTC / kB and 0.0000998171478 LTC / kB. The most advantageous commission for an LTC transaction is 0.001 LTC / kB.

On the other hand, the aspect of the duration of the transaction, took only 0.5 seconds to transmit a transaction containing over 750 addresses calculated by Thus, it took only one second to grant payments to a sum of 1,263 addresses.

In recent days, Litecoin has also granted the adoption of many exchanges of cryptocurrencies, the addition just completed to support is Bittrex. The platform has opened Litecoin for the USD market that precedes this month. In addition, the founder of Litecoin, Charlie Lee, intends to introduce further intents on the form of adoption of the ecosystem rather than on markets and on price contemplation. Charlie Lee said that a short-term market value is not worth the trouble. Lee also persuades long-term discounting.


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