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Litecoin (LTC) – 3 reasons to keep LTC in 2019 – Crypto Recorder

The crypto bear continues to bite and there seems to be no end in sight. There is also a likelihood that bears could push Bitcoin (BTC) below the psychological price level of $ 3000. This could see the altcoin market still go down and test new lows. However, these deppressed prices present a perfect opportunity to accumulate on good levels. An altcoin with a growth opportunity in 2019 is Litecoin (LTC). Litecoin is trading at $ 32, a pale shadow of its historical highs in 2017. However, there are some potential triggers that could significantly increase its value this year. Here are some.

Growing adoption and the network of lightning

L & # 39; adoption
Litecoin (LTC) is steadily increasing throughout 2018, with the adoption
Litecoin (LTC) as a payment method by traders in different parts of the
world. It is interesting to note that Litecoin's lighning network is also on a path of growth,
and he has now exceeded
100 knots
. This is a huge success considering that Litecoin does not have
Bitcoin congestion problems and most transactions can flow easily
On-chain. With a growing adoption of
Litecoin (LTC) by traders, even its value will be detected. Exponential rate of
Adoption may not trigger a massive price increase in 2019, but it certainly could
play an important role in supporting the price if supported by other factors.

The next half-litecoin

The half-life of Litecoin is coming in August of this year and could lead to a massive increase in price. This is because it will have an impact on Litecoin's supply on the market. This could have an impact on the price of Litecoin (LTC) not just in 2019, but for years to come. The impact will be greater if it occurs in a bull market. Litecoin halving could be the reason why Google trends show a greater interest in Litecoin (LTC). After a year of little interest for Litecoin (LTC), Google's trends show a growing interest in this cryptography. This could signal anticipation for the next halving and could be a forerunner of a massive bull run this year.

Bitcoin (BTC) could become bullish this year

It does not matter
how good altcoins can be in what they do, the fact remains that they are
strongly linked to Bitcoin (BTC). This is the biggest crypt on the market, and
until it becomes bullish, the altcoins will remain depressed. The good news is that there is hope of a Bitcoin
(BTC) turnaround. Bitcoin (BTC) is currently swinging over a long period
support level, an indicator that may have hit the bottom. Then,
there is the possibility that Bitcoin can gain bullish momentum and raise the level
altcoins market also. For an encrypted that
is strongly related to Bitcoin (BTC) as Litecoin (LTC), this could mark the beginning of a
bull rally in 2019.

Compared to other altcoins, Litecoin (LTC) is one of the safest and contains the
more potential.

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