Litecoin increases by 11% after the LTC lightning network exceeds 100 knots


Litecoin, the silver of Bitcoin's gold, has seen an increase of over 11% in gains recently after its Lightning network has exceeded 100 active nodes for the first time.

Litecoin has grown massively after announcing that the Litecoin Lightning network had exceeded 100 active nodes.

The outperformance of the top 50, the cryptocurrency created by Charlie Lee, is now trading at $ 35.41, up 11.17%, with a market capitalization of $ 2.12 billion, making it the seventh largest crypt by market capitalization.

Although the negative feelings of the market are slowly changing towards the more positive ones, some analysts, including Tone Vays, are not convinced that the fund of the cryptocurrency market is in.

According to Vays, there is a considerable 70% probability that BTC still has to find a real fund, which would lead to further suffering, as well as to Litecoin.

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However, for the Litecoin community, this should not be a problem, as a growing number of them have started what they call the "365 Challenge".

Those taking part in the challenge have promised to buy at least $ 1 of Litecoin every day in 2019, as they consider this as the phase of market accumulation that has reached the typical 90% correction point.

It will be interesting to see if this challenge will bear fruit, but with the increase in the adoption of Litecoin and the halving occurring in August it might be.

Let us know if you will join Litecoin's "365 challenge".

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