Litecoin Forecast 2018: How much can Litecoin reach?


Much has been said intermittently about litecoin and its main competitors, Bitcoin, Ripple, Monero, Dash and Ethereum. However, what's in the future for them? Is it possible that Litecoin continues with the recent trend, will it continue to grow and exceed the projections foreseen for this year?

Experts from various circles have pointed out that Litecoin, which is currently trading at around $ 130, has the potential to cover new heights in 2018. Many people hint at an increase that can project its value to $ 500 or $ 600, a wonderful percentage growth if it can be maintained.

Forbes said that there are at least five reasons for optimism and enthusiasm when it comes to projecting the 2018 outlook for Litecoin. The first is that Bitcoin's growth and futures sales have pushed its prices.

It is therefore safe to say that any positive improvement in the Bitcoin community is related to a benefit in Litecoin, because it not only flows towards Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies, but because increased traffic within the Bitcoin network increases commissions and the sockets of the transaction the system, thus inducing the migration to the Litecoin project.

Forecasts for Litecoin: a solidly constructed network that exudes potential in 2018.

Although some altcoins are beginning to gain prestige and global relevance every day, Bitcoin is still the most important cryptocurrency in a market that has a growing appreciation of the advantages of cryptography and blockchain transaction technology.

In the meantime, this does not mean that the other Altcoins do not have room to grow and claim their points as successful companies and businesses. Through the list at the time, Litecoin was viewed as the preferred option for visually impaired investors in the crypto universe.

Bitcoin, the industry leader since 2009, has produced distinct cryptocurrencies called altcoin Litecoin can be the safest, most elite and currently the one with the most unexpressed potential.

Litecoin, (LTC or £) can be defined as a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency and an open source software project.

Just like Bitcoin and most other altcoins, Litecoin is a decentralized body, which means that it performs its functions without any central authority or governmental entity. The system allows, in accordance with an open source cryptographic protocol, the creation and transfer of tokens.

The core development team of Litecoin is directly responsible for development. The latest version of Litecoin, released in March 2018, is version 0.15.1. The code language is C ++, while it is extremely compatible with operating systems such as Windows, Android, OS X, Linux.

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