Litecoin exceeds $ 50, increased by 2.8% and continues to produce significant resistance

November 4, 2018 at 1:47 pm // News

Litecoin exceeds $ 50 Mark

Litecoin (LTC) reported marginally attractive gains over the last 24 hours. The 7th largest global data crypto CoinMarketCap, which had lagged behind a $ 51 level for the four days, made a gradual and steady recovery over a period of one day.

The crypto was able to rise marginally by $ 2.78% which maintained the hands exchange at $ 51.72, a reassuring increase that may have made traders believe that the currency would have rejected the bear market until it fell slightly close to the $ 51 level, although this time its new position somewhat above the previous trading price in the last four days has been suspended at $ 50.10.

Impressive run of LTC

By indicating the way the token was able to collect its 2.78%, LTC could take more than 24 hours to get another significant spike. Currently the token seems to move constantly, between marginal losses.

litecoin of trading of 3.6 billion, and the increase in the 2018 investment fund, the token was anticipated by both the crypto-traders and the experts to collect with a total price of $ 600. Against its latest market price of $ 51.72, the currency will require a significant increase of $ 450, an unlikely possibility regardless of whether the token exceeds its perspective of $ 51.72.

The LTC had a very significant trend last year as it moved away from January last year's price of $ 4.05 to $ 43.26 noticeable in June of last year and went on to wobble the storms darker this year moving more than 50% up to $ 180 in January until its decline back to $ 51.72.

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